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Selling Stuff: Thoughts on ebay & Craig’s List April 29, 2013

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I honestly don’t remember how long it has been since Jeremy started selling stuff on eBay. It’s been months now, many months. It started with Jeremy’s dream to upgrade a few of his toys. How do you afford new toys? Sell the old ones! My husband diligently sorted through our garage and our “stuff” in order to find things that might no longer have value to us, but maybe they will to someone else. It’s amazing the random things we’ve sold. I don’t know how many times I looked at Jeremy and told him that no one would what that item that I assumed is junk… And of course, it sold! It’s mind blowing really! Our home office desk has been and still is covered in items that are listed on eBay or waiting to be listed. It’s been quite the project, but in a lot of ways it has paid off. Our flooring project in February was paid for by the eBay fund. If people are looking for a way to make some extra cash, I recommend eBay! The nice thing about eBay is that all your interactions on done through a computer. There is no meeting up with people. You simple ship your items and you never have to interact in person. Well, if you have shipped as many items as us, you do interact a lot with the Post Office. Jeremy has become quite well known in our small town Post Office. I think they are just as amazed as me by the amount of stuff my hubby has sold.

I have now turned to Craig’s List to sell a few furniture pieces. We are in the process of clearing space in our house and Craig’s List seemed like the way to go for furniture. eBay is good for small items that fit in boxes, not ottomans. There is a night and day difference for me when comes to eBay and Craig’s List. I know it’s not possible, but I wish Craig’s List could be a lot more like eBay. On eBay, you can track how many people view your listing, but you usually don’t get notified on anything until someone places a bid – which means the item will sell! That is a good feeling! On Craig’s List people can contact you, ask questions, seem interested and then never get back to you. I get all excited at each inquiry and I have to remind myself that it doesn’t mean anything is going happen. I also don’t like the fact that you have to meet up with people to sell items on Craig’s List. Maybe I’ve heard too many stories about Craig’s List killers, but meeting up with a stranger to exchange goods and money feels creepy to me. Of course, I always take my tall husband (who smiles too much to be intimating…), but at least he doesn’t look easy to beat up.

This is my second week of listing items on Craig’s List. Lowering the price each week can get a little disheartening, but I’m motivated! This Saturday we sold two nightstands from our guest room. I’ve gotten inquiries about our computer desk and a set of ottomans we have listed. Here’s hoping that the inquiries lead to sales. It’s an interesting process parting with your stuff. It’s a process I usually enjoy. There is a rush when that item sells and more space is made in my home. It’s been a worthwhile process. I had no idea how far it would lead us, but I’m glad my hubby got the bright idea so many months ago. The great thing about selling stuff is that it goes against the mentality that more is better. Instead of getting new stuff and keeping the old stuff, this process has allowed us to part with items before we replace them with new items. In a world where people have to have storage units to house the items that no longer fit in their homes, I want to manage my space well. If I don’t have room then I don’t need it or I need to clear space by paring down what I do have. I think it’s healthy to give as you get. I know it’s been good for us!


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