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T-Shirt Designer! April 28, 2013

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As you know, I have many skills! *Wink* Now I can add T-Shirt Designer to the list. For our upcoming family trip to Hawaii, my mom had requested that we make matching t-shirts with our Hawaiian names on the back of them. I volunteered for the job, but I’m not sure why I did! It can be stressful trying to come up with something everyone will like! The funny thing about the shirts is picking the color was probably the hardest part. At one point, gray was our leading contender and I was floored that the Vitzthum clan would want to head to Hawaii looking like little Washington rain clouds! Since blue was the second runner up, my sister and I veto gray and went with a heather blue. It’s not bright and tropical, but we won’t look like a rain cloud, so I think that is a win. The shirt arrived earlier than expected last week so I had my mom pick them up so they wouldn’t be outside my house while I was away. Today my mom brought me Jeremy and I’s shirts and I have to say that they turned out better than I expected. I used CustomInk and it was very easy to use. They have a selection of clip art and graphics that I used for the front of the shirt. For the back, I listed everyone’s Hawaiian name and t-shirt size so the right name got on the right sized shirt. It’s was fairly simple and I’m happy with the results. I figured out everyone’s Hawaiian names using an app I had downloaded on my iPhone. Everyone has such cool sounding names – expect for me. Amy translates to Ame. Wow. What a difference! Jeremy translates to Kelemi! Even my dog has a cooler Hawaiian name than me. Toby translates to Kopi! Note: my dog didn’t get a t-shirt and no, he is not going to Hawaii. I guess I need to be thankful for my simple name even if it’s not that interesting in Hawaiian. Here is a glance at the shirts! Maybe in a few months you’ll see a picture of us actually wearing them in Maui! We’ll see!

Hawaii - Front

Amy = Ame

Jeremy = Kelemi


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