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Doughnut Day! April 7, 2013

Filed under: Children's Ministry — Amy Scott @ 3:31 pm

This weekend we celebrated with doughnuts! The kids had been doing an offering challenge through the month of March. The first challenge was to raise 30lbs of change and they blew through that in 3 weeks which lead them to having ice cream sundaes. Because there was still time in the month, we told them if they could reach 50lbs of change then we would give them doughnuts at the beginning of April. Last week they weighed in at 51lbs and so doughnuts were on the docket for this weekend! The kids had a blast and enjoyed their special treat while watching a movie. Normally we don’t watch too many movies in Children’s Church, so it was a double whammy of goodies. I’m really proud of their giving hearts. It was fun to not have this be about a dollar amount. I think that made the challenge even better because they gave over $300 without even being aware of it. We gave them dollar totals every week and every week they were floored by the numbers. It’s surprising how much a “buddy barrel” can hold and it’s amazing how the pennies add up! One week we had over $19 in pennies given. That’s a whole lots of pennies and I counted them all. I will admit that I’m ready for a break when it comes to counting large sums of change. It was a good month and I’m so happy we got to celebrate in such a fun and tasty way. Even better than our goodies is the good that this money will do in the hands of missionaries! It’s exciting all around!

A nice selection!

A nice selection!

Enjoying doughnuts and a video!

Enjoying doughnuts and a video!


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