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Spring Has Sprung! April 3, 2013

Filed under: Simply Me — Amy Scott @ 10:50 am

This year I’ve been really enjoying the transition to spring. Maybe because we didn’t get a lot of snow this winter, which is really the only highlight of winter so without it, I’m ready to move on. Spring is usually a season I breeze through in a hurried like fashion. I don’t pay much attention to it. Fall would be my favorite season followed by summer and then followed by winter (because I get presents in the winter). But spring… it’s never got much attention from me.Until now!

I’m enjoying spring immensely so far! It’s been sunny and I love the sun. My hubby has some lovely and colorful flowers around the yard. The tree in our front yard is in full bloom and I have a vase of tulips on the dining table. I removed the snowflake gel clings on our office window yesterday and I replaced them with a sun and some clouds and birds! Sounds like spring to me!

Jeremy and I have been in recovery mode from our big Easter weekend so we decided to treat ourselves to lunch yesterday at our favorite Chinese restaurant. My fortune cookie told me it’s okay to slow down and smell the roses and that is exactly what I plan on doing… except I have no “roses” to actually smell (minor detail). After a busy couple of weeks with my life feeling like a blur, I’m ready to slow down and take it all in! I’m ready to admire the flowers and I’m ready to enjoy the sunshine and I’m ready for spring! Hurray!




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