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It’s official! April 1, 2013

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Seeing Double!

Seeing Double!

There are so many things I would love to blog about right now. It seems that once I got the biggest event of our calendar year over with my brain has come back to life with many topics worth writing about. In fact, one of those topics will be a recap of Easter Eggstravaganza and how our ministry filled weekend went. However, I have something else I would like to share with you. Something that I’ve been waiting to share in space for a long time. Blogging is therapy for me and it helps me wrap my mind around my world. Not blogging about this topic for the last two months has been hard, but it’s official – our news is out in the open! Jeremy and I are expecting our first child in October.

We found out on February 1st. I had taken an early results pregnancy test a few days before and it had been negative. I took this next test with a “what the heck” kind of attitude and completely expected it to be negative as well. We had been trying for a while and I was very familiar with sticks with one line. I was totally taken by surprise to find two lines waiting for me. Of course that lead to taking multiple tests over the next couple of days and all of them having the same result with the line getting darker as the days went by. We told our parents right away for prayer support and we’ve spent the last month slowly filling in siblings and close friends. The culmination was this weekend when we told both of our extended families at Easter dinner and finally made the big Facebook post letting the world know. It’s out there now. No longer a secret.

Baby Scott @ 8 weeks!

Baby Scott @ 8 weeks!

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. I am 12 weeks along. I have had two doctors appointments and we had an ultrasound. The baby looked healthy and was active. It had a good strong heartbeat. The due date is October 12th and yes, we will find out if we are having a boy or a girl. We might be able to find out as early as our May appointment, but most likely it will be our June appointment. I have less than two weeks left in my 1st trimester and I’m praying that I start to feel better around that time. I’ve been plagued with “morning” sickness that really happens any time of day – mostly morning or evening. I have to pee about 3 times a night and I’m not getting very solid sleep. I guess my body is training me now for what it will be like to get up multiple times a night with the newborn. The combination of sickness and tired has made me wonder why women rave about being pregnant. So far it hasn’t been that great, but I’m hoping things improve soon.

As with all new adventures I’m cautiously optimistic. I feel slightly guilty that I’m not more “excited”. I guess I’m just taking things one day at a time and trying to figure out all the details as they come. Apart from symptoms, I think my brain is still trying to process that this is really happening. Even after the ultrasound I told Jeremy it didn’t seem real. I’m sure it will sink in eventually. It might be once I know the gender and can start buying things and decorating a nursery. We’ll have to wait and see.

Now don’t worry, this will not become a pregnancy blog. There will be an occasional post now and then, because this is a big part of my life right now, but it’s not the only part of my life. There is still so much to write about and so many thoughts bouncing around in my head. While I am pleased to share this news with you, the baby will not take over my blog, just like I don’t plan on letting it take over my Facebook or anything else. The hardest part of sharing this news with the world is letting people into my private life. There are some things that are just more precious when they are treasured quietly, so don’t expect every detail. I know you are relieved and so am I!

So yes, it’s official. It’s on the internet so it must be true (don’t let this blog being posted on April Fool’s Day throw you off, it is real). We are going to be parents! October is my favorite month of the year, so why not add a little something extra to it? Parenthood, here we come!


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  1. AUNT, AUNT, AUNT, AUNT!!!!!!!!

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