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Sundaes, Birthdays and Eggciting Times! March 29, 2013

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It’s been a whirlwind kind of week! Lots to do in preparation for our giant community egg hunt tomorrow. Lucky for me, I have a sister who loves me dearly and came into help me twice this week in the office. I’m deeming her my Easter Eggstravaganza Lifesaver! Not only did she come to help, but she also brought Starbucks both times! What’s not to love about that? After some long and busy days at work, I think we’re in an amazing spot for the hunts tomorrow. Everything is ready. Now it’s just time to hide the eggs and have some fun!

Sundae Sunday!

Sundae Sunday!

This last weekend was a special one for our Children’s Ministry. We’ve been in the middle of an offering challenge in the month of March. The kids were given the goal to raise 30lbs of change and they did it in record time! The reward for this challenge was ice cream sundaes. Since they reached their goal early, they got their reward early as well. It was fun to see the kids all excited about giving and the ice cream! Turns out we had just enough ice cream to go around for our kids, but not for our leaders. Since I couldn’t leave the leaders hanging, I ran over to McDonald’s and picked up 7 hot fudge sundaes. Let me tell you, that felt weird to order. I had the strong urge to explain that they weren’t all for me. I don’t really think the McDonald’s employees cared. With their goal met, we have given the kids a new challenge. The goal is to reach 50lbs by the end of the month and they are 6lbs away right now. It’s totally doable, but we’ll see if the Easter weekend throws them off of their game. If they can reach this new goal, we’ll have doughnuts next weekend for them. This BGMC experience has been a sweet deal! I’m so proud of our giving kiddos!

Jeremy's Birthday Cake!

Jeremy’s Birthday Cake!

In the midst of the children’s ministry mania, my hubby had his birthday. I will admit that we didn’t do a great job of celebrating just him. His actual birthday kind of got taken over by the egg hunt. We did go out to dinner at Olive Garden and get Blizzards for dessert at Dairy Queen. We celebrated with food. The great thing is that the day before his birthday, we spent most of the day with his family celebrating. At least one day was focused truly on him. Jeremy got to choose the meal of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. We had Funfetti cake for dessert and then we played sports on the Kinect. We ended the family time with a dance party. Good times and fun memories! I’m so blessed by hubby and the wonderful man that he is. He is so stable and good and calm and steady. He really is the rock in my crazy life. I’m grateful for each year I get to celebrate with him. He is truly worth making a big deal about!

That’s the update for this week! I’ll keep you posted on how the 2 giant egg hunts with 70,000 candy-filled eggs goes. The weather looks like it’s going to be sunny and warm. I’ll be honest – that is all God! What are the odds that we would get such a nice day at the end of March?!?! The answer is God’s grace and goodness! Amen! I can’t wait share the highlights from our Easter weekend! I have a feeling it’s going to be a BIG weekend all the way around!


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