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March Madness! March 23, 2013

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I apologize. I feel like my blog is getting a bit neglected right now. March has been so busy and so full that when I have down time I’ve spent all my energy and I really have nothing left to write about. I don’t like that feeling, but it happens from time to time. It’s just life. Busy, crazy life.

Lego Trophies!

Lego Trophies!

Here are a few highlights from the past couple of weeks. My hubby had Pinewood Derby races last weekend that went super well. Jeremy is creative and he made his own trophies for the kids out of Legos. They were a big hit!

We had a big day of meetings as a team at work to talk about our personalities and leadership. It’s always interesting to see how everyone around the table falls when it comes to personality assessments. We’re all different and it’s insightful to know where someone else is coming from. It’s also empowering to know who you are and how you’re wired.

The title of this blog doesn’t just have to do with my busy month, it also reference the fact that I got pulled into doing a NCAA bracket again this year. While I would say my choices are an improvement over last year… the team I picked to win this year is already out. This really shouldn’t shock anyone considering I don’t watch college basketball. This is what happens when you pick at random!

This week kicked off celebrating my hubby’s upcoming birthday. We had dinner with my parents and sister to honor the birthday boy. We had pizza and pie and my dad did our taxes in the middle of it all. Exciting stuff, I know! I’m praising the Lord that we don’t owe anything and my parent’s sent us home with a ton of leftovers – pretty good night in my opinion. We have more birthday festivities tomorrow with Jeremy’s family and then Monday (the actual birthday), Jeremy and I have plan to go out to dinner to celebrate. It’s nice in this busy season at work to take time and focus on how awesome my hubby is! He is worth celebrating!

Of course with a major event coming up in the next week, I decided to take on a major spring cleaning project around the house. Makes sense, right? Okay, timing might not be my thing. I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week going through our closets and purging. Part of the process was reorganizing our closets and getting better storage solutions to contain and organize our stuff. This lead Jeremy and I on a trip to The Container Store because Walmart and Home Depot didn’t have the right sized storage containers. As always, The Container Store didn’t disappoint and I was able to finish up all my reorganizing last night! It feels so good!

This leads to me today! Where… I… FINALLY… decided… to… REST! Praise the Lord! I had left over pie for breakfast and jumped into watching Les Mis – a random purchase from the day before. It’s been nice to be a bit low-key today. Eventually I’ll have to get ready for church this evening, but right now I’m trying to forget that I’m a responsible adult. It’s kind of  hard because my mind keeps going over when I’m going to print the programs for Easter Eggstravaganza and how many I should make and what colors I should use and will we have enough paper. Then there are  lanyards to update and wait! Isn’t today supposed to be a day off? Well, sort of… oh my! I might be going a bit crazy. This too shall pass, right?

So that’s the update for me! It’s been a full month of meetings and family and big events and pie and basketball (that I don’t really watch, but Jeremy shares the updates) and car races and taxes and birthdays and all those other normal day to day commitments! No wonder they call it March Madness!


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