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St. Patrick’s Day and Other Random Holidays! March 17, 2013

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For the most part, I’m a sucker for holidays – any holiday! I love wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day and yes, I am a pincher! If I don’t see green on you, beware! Last night as we were getting ready for bed I reminded my hubby of his need for green. Of course, this sent him into a rant about how much he doesn’t like St. Patrick’s Day. He informed me it was a made up holiday and then I gave him the history of St. Patrick and why he is a good guy to remember. Jeremy responded that no one knows the story of St. Patrick and that is not the reason they celebrate. I agree – very few people celebrate the missionary who wasn’t Irish, but witnessed to the Irish people. I just learned on Wikipedia that we celebrate March 17th because it was the day of his death, so even I learned a new fact today.

Growing up I enjoyed the school parties and crafts and goodies that surrounded the holidays. My mom was very sweet and would often give my sister and I small gifts on days like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day. I always look forward to these days. The traditions can make even a senseless holiday seem fun. As an adult, I will admit that Jeremy and I don’t spend a lot of money on Valentine’s Day – mainly because it’s right after Christmas and in-between both our birthdays. If we got presents on Valentine’s Day it would be four months in a row of gift giving which can be a little hard on the budget. I have no problem spending Valentine’s Day with my sweetie and appreciating our relationship. It doesn’t have to be expense.

St. Patrick’s Day is an easy holiday in my book as well – just wear green and don’t get pinched! Not a lot of big drama or planning or spending. Back in the day when we were first married Jeremy and I made Easter baskets for each other and then it went the way of Valentine’s Day. It didn’t make a lot of sense to keep the endless gift giving going. However, chocolate bunnies are still a tradition without the basket.

I will admit that Earth Day and Arbor Day don’t get much attention from me.  President’s Day, Labor Day and Memorial Day are always appreciated for their long weekends. Columbus Day… doesn’t really rank high, not that I don’t appreciate what Columbus did. Veteran’s Day I don’t get off, but I do normally start my Christmas shopping that weekend so it kind of redeems the day, plus I really do appreciate what Veteran’s Day stands for. I’m sure there are probably some random holidays that I’m missing.

It wouldn’t be a holiday blog without a shout to the two best food holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas! Those are high up on the list, but I think they are for most people. We also can’t forget Independence Day –  Jeremy was sharing last night that the 4th of July is totally validated because it gives you a reason to blow things up. I like it for the summer BBQs.

Oh! And you can’t forget the holidays that aren’t really holidays – like Pi(e) Day which we just celebrated this last week or Red Cup Day in November. If there aren’t enough random holidays, it’s fun to add some made up holidays into the mix!

As you can see, I love holidays. Good food. Long weekends. Seeing family. Remembering loved ones or important historical moments. It’s all good. So my philosophy is wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and have fun with it. Why not?

How do you celebrate some of the more random holidays? Any made up holidays that you enjoy?


2 Responses to “St. Patrick’s Day and Other Random Holidays!”

  1. Amy Scott Says:

    Forgot MLK Jr. Day – great man, great cause and gotta love the long weekend! :)

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