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Oh Easter Eggs… March 15, 2013

Filed under: Children's Ministry — Amy Scott @ 4:26 pm
Ready to fill!

Ready to fill!

It seems like Easter Eggs are a never ending topic of conversation right now. With Easter right around the corner, everyone wants to know how the filling of 70,000 candy filled eggs is going. I’m happy to report that it’s going well. We only have a couple bags left and they should hopefully disappear this weekend! I know I’m planning on grabbing one for my Growth Group on Monday.

70,000 eggs seems like a lot… because, well, it is a lot. The great thing about filling eggs is how easy it is. Everyone can chip in and make a big task manageable and fun. My mom called me this afternoon to tell me that she would be filling eggs while watching a movie. This inspired me since I’d recently purchased more candy and I had a small bag of eggs sitting around the house. I decided to fill some myself. It doesn’t take too long to fill a bag of eggs. It can be incredibly social depending on how you fill the eggs. My Growth Group has done it together twice. My Wednesday night class filled eggs together this week. It’s just a fun activity to do with a group because it’s not too challenging so you can chat and laugh while you do it. It hardly seems like work.

Yes, please!

Yes, please!

I will admit that filling eggs is probably my favorite part of Easter Eggstravaganza. Set me down with a bag of candy and a bag of eggs and I’ll go to town on the them. It’s not complicated and it’s not overwhelming. Seeing 70,000 at one time is a little overwhelming, but we don’t expect one person or one group to fill them all. We do them together as a church community and it always gets done. I love contributing in this way.

By the time Easter rolls around, I will be ready to move on past eggs and egg related conversations. However, it’s not all about the eggs. We have volunteers to coordinate, prizes to purchase, a petting zoo to set up and a pony rides to get in place. Don’t forget inflatable bounce houses and face painting. It’s great to see the community get involved as well – Applebees will be doing our face painting as well as giving out coupons. McDonald’s donated close to 1000 free dessert tickets that we’ll hand out as the first kids arrive. Even OSMI, donated some youth passes. The prizes and donations keep coming in this week and I’m excited to share these goodies with our community.

Just two weeks away from the big day. Until then, I will probably have many conversations revolving around eggs. I guess I can keep my sanity given it’s only a season. One that will quickly be here and gone.

Join us!

Join us!


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