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Adventures in Flooring February 21, 2013

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It’s been a busy week here at the Scott Household. On Sunday, we tore up all the carpet in our home. This revealed that the carpet and the vinyl flooring were two different levels. This gave us two options – buy more sub-flooring or try to remove the vinyl with the extra layer of sub-flooring.  During Growth Group (which was hosted by my mother-in-law), my father-in-law came over to my house to survey the situation with Jeremy. They decided to buy more sub-flooring and raise the level of the floors to match our kitchen and entry way. Jeremy was anxious to get the project started so he started to lay the new sub-floor on Tuesday evening. This meant moving our dining table into the kitchen. Good thing we have a big kitchen, but I still don’t think it was ever meant to be an eat-in kitchen. It’s a little strange when I sit down at the table. The location is just a little off. Preparing food is also fun as we skirt around the table. It’s a person at a time walking space, so you got to know the flow or you bump into people! Tonight, my father-in-law and brother-in-law will join Jeremy in adding the rest of the sub-floor. Furniture pieces will scatter all over my house so that they stay out of the way. The dog and I are going to take off for the evening and hang out with my parents. I would just be in the way and frankly, Toby would be as well. They’ll have the door open as they bring in pieces of plywood and Toby is sure to escape if given the opportunity. I’ll be less of a wreck if we just avoid the construction zone all together. Tomorrow will hopefully be the beginning of laying down the final layer of flooring! Saturday and Sunday will be reserved for finishing things up and putting everything back together. Monday afternoon I plan on deep cleaning since the boys should be done. Then I do believe I will let out a deep sigh of relief. It’s been fun to see the different phases all unfold, but I’m really ready for that final reveal! I can’t wait! More updates to come as things shape up around here!  Exciting times!

Different Levels

Different Levels

Adding the new layer of sub-flooring

Adding the new layer of sub-flooring

Our "Eat-In" Kitchen

Our “Eat-In” Kitchen




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