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Entering Project Mode February 11, 2013

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It begins!

It begins!

Last Thursday, Jeremy and I drove down to Oregon to fill up our truck with a pallet of new flooring. I guess that would have been the official beginning. The flooring is now stacked in our computer room just waiting to come out of its plastic home and meet my floors. However before the new floor can go down, there is lots to do. Tonight begins our first altering of the house. Jeremy is currently removing our trim from the walls. It’s official. It’s started. We’ve entered into project mode. Later this week/weekend Jeremy will pull up the flooring and make sure that it’s safe for walking on (with shoes of course). It’s been a bit of a pickle doing a home improvement project at the same time I’m hosting a Growth Group. Yes, next Monday when our group gathers they will be walking on sub-flooring. Oh well. I’ve lived in homes with just sub-flooring before on multiple occasions (not a permanent basis but during remodeling times). The first would be when my home flooded in 1996. For a while we lived in a 5th wheel trailer in our front yard and once we were able to get all the bad stuff out of the house we moved back in despite it being mid project. The second time would be when our washing machine decided to overflow in December of 2003. April and I were both off in our own worlds – I was filling out college applications when I heard my mom screaming. As I ran out to see what was going it was obvious that we had a lot of water in our house. So up went the flooring and everything had to dry out. New flooring was eventually put back in. For  my 18th birthday party, the kitchen looked like were remodeling. It didn’t bother me.  “In Progress” means new things are coming and exciting times are around the corner. I can relate to “in progress” because I’m right there. I’m in progress. Just like my house, God can peel the layers off of me and shine up my rough spots. I sympathize with the inconvenience. Being in progress isn’t always glamorous, but it’s leading down a good road. I’m excited for this new phase of my little house. I’ll just have to ask my Growth Group to pardon our dust!


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