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Coming Back February 1, 2013

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A snapshot of my week

A snapshot of my week

I finally feel like I’m coming back to life. My entire week was derailed by a head cold… Yes, the sore throat morphed and I went down hard. There is nothing like going through an entire Kleenex box by oneself. My nose isn’t thankful for this fact, but oh well. What can I do. I spent the week watching stupid movies on Netflix. We keep getting these come back emails from them and a recent one included a free month. I’ll take advantage of a free month. It’s given me something to do other then drink a lot of liquids and blow my nose.

A Herd of Floor Samples!

A Herd of Floor Samples!

Before I went down, Jeremy and I started a very exciting project. Last weekend, we drove around all the local Home Depots and Lowes’ to collect floor samples. We finally made the decision to switch to hard laminate floors in our front living space. I’ve never like having carpet in the dining room and I think that hard floors will be better with owning a doggie who occasionally has accidents and a few family members have allergies. I think this will help with the doggie dander or what not. After collecting a billion samples, we have made a decision and ordered tonight! This means that at some point this month, all the trim and flooring will be pulled up in my front living space. This will be interesting for sure. Jeremy has been great with Do-It-Yourself projects. Between him and the help of handy family members, I’m sure it will be snap. Hopefully!

Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint Cookies

In other news, my hubby requested cookies tonight. He very rarely wants me to make him anything sweet, so how could I refuse? After dinner I set about making Thumbprint Cookies with Jeremy’s homemade strawberry jam! They are very tasty, but I learned the hard way to let the jam cool first before eating them. It was like lava! I’ll chalk that up to a no-brainer-learning-expereince. Even at 27, common sense isn’t always working. Maybe I could blame the remnants of my head cold. Yeah, that sounds good!

I know this is sort of random blog about this and that, but I’ve been soooooo inactive the last few days I just had to write something. It’s hard to believe that I spent the last week of January on the couch and now it’s a whole new month. A very full month I might add! Between family gatherings, starting a new Growth Group, planning the biggest sleepover of the year, redoing the floors in half of our house, the usual social and mentor gatherings, I’m going to be one fast paced chica! Pray for me as I recover from this bug that I would not go down again. Who has the time!?!? Not me! Too much life to live!


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