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Why Blog? January 10, 2013

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I’ve been thinking about the purpose of my blog. Why do I do it? What am I trying to convey? I realize that the topics in my blog are very diverse and sometimes random. I admire those that have “family” blogs and keep people updated on the happening of their family. I would not say this is a family blog because Jeremy has little to no input on what I write here. In fact, he reads all my blogs at the same time you do – when I’ve published them for the world to see.  Yes, I do like to write about what activities I’ve been up to and that involves Jeremy and even my Toby dog, so I understand in a way this blog touches on the family blog theme. But just look at the title this webpage – you’ll see that I’m a bit to selfish to share this blog with my family… Maybe someday I’ll grow up and share the limelight.

There are many writers who blog on a consistent basis and they are a voice speaking out with a purpose. They are passionate about this topic and that topic. You’ll find them brilliantly sharing their thoughts on Christianity, being a woman in ministry, specific causes or their most recent book release. While I envy these great thinkers, my blog isn’t about a cause. I thought it would be when I started it. I thought this would be a place where I would write about what it is like to be a woman in ministry. I quickly learned that there is only so much I can publicly write about ministry. I love serving God’s people and it certainly has it’s ups and downs. I’m not brave enough to write about what might upset me, where I see or feel injustice, all the nitty-gritty details of ministry.  At least not a blog with my name on it. I don’t want you to get me wrong, there are lots of great and glorious things about serving in church. I’m not downing my position or my community of believers. It’s just without stepping over a line, I can never be completely honest here.

This is not a baking blog or a craft blog. I’ve visited those and wow, do they make me jealous! I’m always floored at what people create. Beautiful cakes, lovely meals, amazing artwork. I would love to be crafty. I mean truly crafty – like sell my wares on etsy crafty. While I do crafts, I wouldn’t say I have a great talent for it. Yes, I like to bake. Yes, from time to time I make a homemade card, but this really isn’t a crafty, homey, cooking,  baking blog.

I realize that I’ve dabbled in all forms of blogging. I don’t really stick to one theme or category. I’m sure that might annoy some of you. And I’m sorry if it is does. I’m just not good at putting myself in a box and sticking with one theme. I’m still exploring all those options of who I am and what I want to write about.

I do know this – I want to write about life -my real, everyday life. I want to write about the things that fill my day, the people I love and the food I eat. I want to write about the shows that make me laugh and the books that make me cry. I want to write about the kids that I teach and the teenagers that hang out in my office. I want to write about sharing ministry and life with my hubby. I want to write about housekeeping and how my little dog is cute and annoying. I want to write about the things that keep me up at night and the thoughts that won’t leave me alone. I want to write about the victories in my life – big or small. I want to write about the hard times and what God shows me through them.

This blog is therapy for me and you are a part of my sanity. I would write this blog regardless of it got daily hits. I’m not here to grow my numbers or reach a target audience. I’m here because I need to write. I need to get words out of my head so I can understand them and grasp them and come to grips with what they mean. I don’t think I’m brilliant and I’m not sure I impart much wisdom here, but I do hope that someone reads this blog and relates. I pray that someone reads this blog and thinks “I understand, I totally get it”. Maybe that doesn’t happen, but that is my wish and my purpose. I want to write about life – in all it’s forms – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Why blog? Because I love to write and my world makes the most sense through words.


2 Responses to “Why Blog?”

  1. mrsandreascott Says:

    Write on, Amy. Write on.

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