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Kicking Off 2013 January 2, 2013

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It’s here! 2013! So far it’s been a good year despite the fact that it is an odd number and I’m not fond of odd numbers. December 31st 2012 left us with a blanket of white snow and due to temperatures staying below freezing we still  have some on the ground. Snow always changes the lighting and makes my house feel different. It’s not often that we see a White Christmas and White New Year.

One of my highlights of New Year’s Day is watching the HGTV Dream House. Anyone else planning on winning it this year? I do too. Every year. Each house seems amazing and perfect and every year I dare to dream that I might someday be it’s owner. Of course, I don’t have plans to move to South Carolina, but if I won this stunning dream home, I would for sure take a nice long vacation there!

It’s time to get back to routine. I’ve been on a long vacation and today I’m trying to get back on track with what a normal Wednesday in the day in the life of Amy Scott would look like. This means cleaning the entire house, doing all the household laundry and baking for my class tonight at church.

I also had enough time to get in a quick workout on Just Dance. I feel so silly while I dance, but it gets my heart rate up and it sure makes me sweat. I figure that is a sign of a good workout. I need to burn those calories to get off those extra holiday goodies that left me a few pounds heavier over the last month. While I’m not the type who usually makes resolutions, but I do hope to get my eating back on track now that the celebration season is behind me. I also hope to do this dance workout at least 2-3 times a week. Here’s hoping!

I finished my whole Bible reading plan for 2012 on December 24th, so yesterday I kicked off the new plan for 2013. I’m really enjoying it so far and I’ve even gotten a bit ahead already. I like creating buffers in my reading so if I miss a day it’s not a big deal. The great thing about this plan is it is set up to be a 6 day plan, so there is already a built in day off. Along with Bible reading, I’ve took a break from Christmas to New Year’s with my regular reading. I have many books that I plan on getting in January and I can’t wait to crack their covers and see what they have for me! (Check out the 2013 Bible Reading Plan here)

Wednesday is a great day to “officially” get back on track. It’s an at home day for me, so it’s not like jumping right into the craziness of life. I do have church tonight, but after a nice break, I’m ready to be back in the classroom and with my girls again. I always appreciate how much this break around Christmas gives me space to breathe. It was the perfect combination of going out and doing things and seeing people mixed with down time at home. Now that I’ve had this space, I’m ready to head back to my routine, to my classroom and even the office tomorrow.

The rest of this week holds making cake pops for the first time. I can’t wait to tell you how it goes – good or bad! I think I will also start 2013 off with clean carpets. I’m excited to pull out my new steam vacuum that I got for Christmas and give it a test run on my floors. Lots of fun stuff to do! 2013 is off a great start! I hope it for you as well!


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