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Remembering… December 10, 2012

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My beautiful grandparents!

My beautiful grandparents!

Today has been a day of remembering. I knew it was coming, however, it wasn’t the first thing I thought of today. I remembered in the middle of my morning routine – today is the day. Two years ago today my grandpa passed away. I will admit that the time leading up to this anniversary last year was a lot harder than I expected and I was surprised that this year I was doing much better. My guess was that time really was doing some healing. However, today it caught me off guard. It hasn’t been easy. I have a lot of weighing on my mind and when it wanders, I remember… I remember that today is the day.

My grandpa was really sick towards the end of his life and I am grateful to know that he is with his Savior and he is totally healed and happy. I know that he would want us to celebrate his life and not be sad, but I just don’t feel like skipping or doing a happy dance. I guess that is okay, right? I miss him. I still feel weird when I sit in his spot on the loveseat. Sometimes I notice his laugh and voice missing from the chaos of a family event.

He lived a good life and he was well loved. He was a great grandpa. I have many happy memories with him in them and for that I am blessed. I was lucky enough to really tell him how much he meant to me before he passed away. I didn’t expect today to be so hard, but I do know that God is good. I do know that no matter what, I have comfort in the arms of Christ. So today I turn my burden over to him. I know that my grandpa is in a good place and while I miss him, I know I’ll see him again. That is enough to get me through the day.



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  1. Andrea Says:

    Remembering John and remembering the first time you saw that wedding picture– you said, “Mom! I didn’t know that Grandma was a movie star!” Your Grandpa John was a blessed man! :)

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