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Pajama Day December 7, 2012

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Today is a day that I’ve been looking forward to for some time! It’s one of the those blessed days where I have no plans and I don’t leave my house. In fact, I declared today a pajama day (Christa – I did this in honor of you and our conversation yesterday). I had nothing really planned for the day, but it filled itself quite nicely. I got sleep in. My hubby and I made an apple pie while watching all the Christmas episodes of The Office. Jeremy, sadly, had to be an adult and go to work this evening, so that left me at home with a book, my little dog, and twinkling lights on our Christmas tree. I must say, it doesn’t get better than that! I just finished by book and now I’m thinking it might be time for a bubble bath… Or maybe off to my next book? Who knows? This has been an amazingly relaxing day! Days at home like this don’t happen often, but I like to take for all their worth when they come! I think this one was successful! While I do have serious, pondering blog topics in my head, I think I save them for another day. Because today is pajama day and it is meant to be a day of rest! Amen!

This is what a day of rest looks like!

This is what a day of rest looks like!


2 Responses to “Pajama Day”

  1. Christa Says:

    Love it!

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