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It’s a Season, Not Just a Day! December 3, 2012

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Time to Decorate!

Time to Decorate!

I love this time of year! I love that Christmas isn’t just December 25th, but it’s the time leading up to that day. Christmas for me starts with Christmas music sometime in November and decorating my house after Thanksgiving. It’s getting a Christmas tree and decorating it with my hubby. It’s about special dinners out with friends and red cups and shopping! It’s about days spent with family. About giving that gifts that makes their eyes light up. The biggest thing I love about Christmas is the fact that it’s not just a day. It’s a whole season! It doesn’t matter to me what day I’m celebrating. Christmas is in all the magical moments that December holds. I love the Christmas musical that our kiddos at Bethel Church perform every year and the Christmas parties we have in Children’s Church and during my Wednesday night class. This is one of my favorite times of year!

Christmas Lights!

Christmas Lights!

I also can’t help but get lost on the Big God Story that leaves me in awe. The Son of God becoming one of us. Coming to save us, coming to die. I can only imagine that first Christmas and how holy it must have been. I can’t imagine how Mary felt – holding Immanuel – God with us! I don’t know about you, but raising the Son of God seems a bit intimidating. Even within the Christmas story, I am reminded it’s not just a day. The Christmas story is our story every day of the week. It’s our need for a Savior and how God comes to us and bridges the gap. It’s more than a day. A day couldn’t hold it all.

I am thankful! I know I say it all the time here, but it’s so true. When I start to write about these amazing blessing, I just can’t help but say thank you! I’m blessed with amazing friends and family who truly make the season worth celebrating. I am thankful for the time I get to spend with the children of Bethel Church talking about the Christmas story and what it means for us. I am thankful for salvation – for a God who was willing to come to me and give me a chance. When I look at all the lights and ornaments, I smile because everything feels cozier and warmer than usual. I so glad that all this joy in fun isn’t limited to one day. It’s much better to celebrate over a whole season!


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