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Wet & Wild November 19, 2012

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It’s been a crazy weather day here in Western Washington. Even has I type this another heavy shower is pounding my roof and making its presence known. Last night the wind and the rain started to pick up. We could hear the gust hitting the house and this morning it was more of the same. As I was getting ready the power kept flickering and all I could think is “Today is a good day for a power outage.” I headed off to work leaving my sick hubby at home to rest. The power at the church went down for about 3 seconds before starting back up. It flickered a couple more times but never down. At home, it was a completely different story. Jeremy said that he lost power around 10:00am and we didn’t get it back on until about 6:00pm. I learned on my drive home that a tree had fallen down on the road and had taken the power lines down with it. The roads always look like a war zone when gets this blustery, but this is the first time I’ve driven by a downed tree on my own. I won’t lie, my heart rate went up and I started repeating “oh my” every few seconds.  What a wet and wild day! Because of the amount of rain that has fallen, local rivers are forecasted to hit flood stage. Nothing major, but it does make travel unsafe. We had to cancel a kid’s choir practice tonight and our regular Monday night activities. With no power and a tree down on the road, I decided to cancel my dinner plans. I didn’t think it was a smart idea to be driving in the dark on a unpredictable night like this.  When I got home, I read a little. My current book has small font and with all the dark clouds in the area, it was too dim to really read for a long time. Jeremy walked out to get the mail when the rain lighten a bit and came back in with the newest Food Network Magazine. I proceeded to pour over that until the light got too dim. We ordered an early dinner of pizza because it was warm, started a fire and lit all the tealights. Now that the power is on, I have a pie baking in the oven and quite a few lights on! Hurray! Wow, what a day! Here’s hoping tomorrow is less eventful!

The tree that caused our 8 hour power outage!

The Tilting Stop Sign

Warm By The Fire

Thankful for tealights!


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