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Good Bye Old, Dear Friend November 18, 2012

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The Last of the Hostess Products!

I will admit that the news of Hostess going under has been shocking for me. I was raised on Hostess Products and many jokes have made about the company sustaining my life. Isn’t everything better with cream filling? Just saying… I’m the poster child for Hostess. While many will find that appalling,  (sorry to my health nut friends and family) I will always hold a place for Hostess products in my heart! Here are a few of the memories I will carry with me.

  • My mom used to give me Twinkies as a young child because they would occupy my attention. I was fascinated with the cream filling and the wonder of the treat kept me quiet. I should also note that my mom stopped buying me Hostess products at some point growing up because she had dreams of me being a diabetic.
  • There was lady who worked at the library when I was little. She was friend of my mom’s and it seems like every time I saw her she would give me crumb donettes (also called crunch donettes). Good childhood memory!
  • In middle school, my friend Cydnie and I a Twinkie war where we threw a box full of Twinkies at each other. They were still in their packages so we didn’t make a mess. The Twinkies, however, did get smushed beyond recognition.
  • In high school, my Spanish teacher and class did a experiment. We called it the Twinkie of Doom. We taped a Twinkie in the wrapper to a small board and let it sit out in the classroom to see how it would do. Apparently the shelf-life isn’t as great as everyone assumes. I guess keeping it in the box and out of direct sunlight would have prolonged its life.

I could write you about my love for Twinkie, Cupcakes, Ding Dong (kept in the freezer), SnoBalls,  Cherry Fruit Pies and Crumb Donettes for what would seem like forever to you, but a short minute to me. This is road trip food, study food, try to fix a bad mood food. These are the flavors of my childhood and I’m sad that I won’t be able to keep my own children quiet with the wonder of a Twinkie (I’m sure my mom is glad that will not be a part of her legacy). Jeremy ran to one of the local gas stations today and found two 6-packs of crumb donettes for me. It was a total surprise and a bit sentimental. I will eat them, not save them as some kind of a experiment. I will enjoy one and try to make a memory with my taste buds. So long my dear Hostess friends. My life will not be the same. Some will say for the better, but I’ll know the truth. You are a defining part of me, like it or not, and I will miss you greatly.


2 Responses to “Good Bye Old, Dear Friend”

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  2. […] Back in November the world was going mad. Hostess products were flying off the shelves in grocery stores and gas stations. What wasn’t being consumed by the buyers was being sold on websites like eBay. Yes, my husband was amongst the many who tried to sell Hostess products online as they disappeared from the stores. You can read about my farewell to the beloved snack food here on my blog post from November – Good-Bye Old, Dear Friend. […]

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