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Did you miss me? November 17, 2012

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I don’t know if you missed me, but I sure missed you! There were times during this self-imposed semi-media fast when I really wanted to blog! In fact, without blogging in my life, I blog in my head. I create topics and sentences and I think like I’m blogging. It’s crazy. I love it so much! It was a nice break to focus on other things, but I’m glad to be back. I now have a long list of topics and ideas that I collected while I was away. I’m ready for action!

I was able to get a lot done without being on my computer so much. Originally, I was planning on ending my fast on Tuesday, but I kept it going through this weekend. So almost 2 weeks without blogging or Facebook. As much as I missed blogging, I really didn’t miss Facebook. I got on to use the message feature, but other than that – no checking new feeds, no looking at my notifications. I was out of the loop. I will admit that I felt a little in the dark, but I figured if anyone really wanted to share their life with me they would call. My friend, Maggie, did just that and I got to FaceTime with her while she was half away across the world in Israel! It was amazing to hear her stories from her and not just read about them in a news feed.

I figured I would fill you in what I’ve been up since I had all this free time not spent in front of a screen. I’ve read three thick novels in the last week. Lovely tales of love and family. It’s been fluffy reading for me and I’ve been so relaxed and happy – like hanging out with old friends. Jeremy and I attended a Children’s Leader’s Conference over on the east side of the mountain, so that meant I got to see family that lives over there as well as connect with some great leaders. It was really fun to play with my nephew and hear him say “Aunt Mayme” or “Mimi”. I honestly wasn’t expecting him to say my name for a while and he is so close to having it down. I don’t mind being Mayme or Mimi. It warmed my heart! We played hide and seek, watched Elmo, Jeremy and his brother got him all set up with a new train set. It was sweet to watch the “big” boys playing just like little boys! :) It was great to catch up with family over the mountains and see how much our niece and nephew have grown and changed.

I’ve done some yummy baking! I made pumpkin pecan cupcakes one week for my class and cheesecake brownies the next. The cheesecake brownie recipe came right out this year’s Taste of the Holidays recipe book. TOTH, as we call it, is an annual event where ladies decorate tables at the church. Each table is served a sampler of holiday foods and given the recipes so they can do it at home. The tables are always lovely and I enjoyed sitting at my friend, Danielle’s table. I got meet many of her co-workers and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and eat good food!

For Missionettes this last week, we did my favorite craft of all time – Thankful Trees! The girls write on the leaves one thing they are thankful for and attach them to the branches with glue dots. Its a mess free craft that really gets us thinking. I love it and I do it ever year right alongside the girls! It’s the best!

The last big thing is the fact that eBay has taken over our home. Jeremy started selling on his stuff a couple weeks ago – mostly baseball cards and some antiques that have been given to him. We decided that enough stuff is just sitting in our garage. Jeremy now has all these goals for what is going to do with his earnings. This week, I jumped in the fray and started selling some of my childhood toys and knick-knacks. It’s amazing what I’ve saved other the  years that I thought I might want in the future. Now with some time and distance from them I was able to really decide what I wanted and what I won’t use again. I’ve decided that if my stuff doesn’t sell sooner rather than later it will go off to Goodwill. No need to keep it around!

So that’s what I’ve been up to! I know it’s not brilliant. I’ll save my brilliance for all those upcoming posts I have planned *wink*. Here is a look at my last few weeks in pictures. I hope you enjoyed the update! It’s good to be back!

Pumpkin Pecan Cupcake

Making the train go uphill!

1 of the 9 Red Cups I’ve enjoyed so far!

Cheesecake Brownies

Thankful Tree 2012

Sorting Childhood Memories


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