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Sugar Cream Pie November 2, 2012

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I love my Food Network Magazine. Looking through it is almost more fun than actually using it make something. My friend, Maggie, also gets FNM and she told me that she always tries to make one thing out of each issue. While, I’m not sure that I’ve been that dedicated, I do try to make at least one thing that catches my eye. Most of the time… okay, all of the time… that means dessert!

For the Thanksgiving issue that means – PIE! They have lots of yummy pie recipes just waiting for me to try. One that grabbed my attention was Sugar Cream Pie. It looked pretty simple and I liked the history behind it. It was a traditional Quaker dessert because it made of staples they had easily accessible – cream, sugar, butter. Good stuff! It’s so popular in Indiana that it’s the state pie. I didn’t know that states had official pies, so I learned something new! I wonder what Washington state’s is? Getting off topic…

I started by using the Krusteaz pie mix we had in the pantry instead of the recipe in the magazine. I’ve made crust from scratch and while it’s doable, we had the mix and I thought it would save time (which it did). The crust was simple enough to assemble and it on was to the filling. Using my Kitchenaid mixer, I whisked heaving whipping cream, sugar, flour and vanilla extract. Once you pour the filling into the crust, you top with bits of butter and a sprinkle of nutmeg.

At first the pie is very full, but once you take it out of the oven it settles and firms up. I was nervous because I’ve never made a custard or cream based pie before. Jeremy and I have each had two pieces – one at room temperature and one chilled. Chilling it really caused it to set up. Both were good.  The flavor is subtle because it really is such a basic pie. Jeremy loves custard pie and has gone to town on it! I’m glad! It was great to try something new. I think that I have enough cream leftover to make a pumpkin pie. Jeremy has made a pumpkin pie before, but I haven’t, so I’m excited to try the recipe in the Food Network Magazine.

Tis the season to eat pie! Hurray!

The Yummy Insides!

Sugar Cream Pie with Stars!


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