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Red Cup Day: Marathon Style! November 1, 2012

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Tired, but happy eyes on Red Cup Day!

This Red Cup Day was different from my norm… It started early as usual! There is something about getting to Starbucks early and having the first red cup of the day and of the season. My red cup buddy, Jeannie, was out of town this week, so for the first time in a long time I will only celebrate with her in spirit, not in person. I have many people I celebrate with in spirit – shout out to Maggie, Vicki, and Megan!

So yes, back to the beginning. I drove up to Starbucks very nervous. My sister is a bit of an insider since she works at Starbucks,but her store has been in a transition of leadership, so she wasn’t 100% that today was the glorious day! I was praying that it was because I’m sure I would have been stoned like a false prophet since I’d been blabbing on about the 1st being Red Cup Day. It was a HUGE relief to know that the red cups were out and ready to serve holiday beverages to the masses! I got my traditional peppermint hot chocolate and spent a few minutes with April before she had to head off to school. Getting up early after an event like Fall Fest can be a challenge, but despite all my grogginess, it was worth it!

I got to work early and started plugging away at my to-do list. Soon, I was in a van with my fellow co-workers heading to Starbucks again – different store, different group of people. The red cups were there and the office got a fun field trip to get them! It was funny to drink another peppermint hot chocolate so close to the last one. I mixed it up and used sugar-free syrup this time. It was pretty good and I couldn’t taste too much of a difference from my first one. We don’t do outings like this as an office very often, so it was a nice special treat! Thanks, Debbie, for suggesting it!

Once I was back at work, I ran around the office  at a sugar powered pace. My goal was to finish that list as quick as possible, so I could get home sooner rather than later. I was able to get it all finished in time to head down to Longview for my third red cup of the day! At this point, I’ve met three different people/groups at three different Starbucks and each time I got a different drink. My last drink wasn’t supposed to be different, but the barista in Longview was a little off and made my hot chocolate with white chocolate. Different… but good. The chocolate flavor wasn’t as intense and the peppermint really covered a lot the flavor. Overall it was still tasty! This time I was meeting my sister-in-law, Beckie, halfway between our homes. It was really great to see Beckie during the week and just hang out! I love being able to just be laid back and chill because I knew my to-do list was taken care of!

So now I’m home… let me tell you the combination of a long day before, poor sleep, the buzz of three hot chocolates and a Benadryl are giving me this sort of out of body experience! My head is spinning just slightly! I might take a nap and try to sleep this feeling off… However, it was all worth it! I love red cup day and how it is the start of the holiday season for me. It’s fun and wonderful and people do crazy things like go to Starbucks three times in three hours!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated this day with me! Spending time with each of you over a red cup was a blessing!

What a great day!

Now… to… sleep…



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