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When God Reads My Blog! October 20, 2012

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More pumpkin fun!

Okay, so I know that God knows all the thoughts in my head before I think them, so nothing comes as a surprise to him and he really knows me – in a weird, deep down, I would probably be freaked out if I really knew how much kind of way. My last blog post was all about pumpkins and how much I love them and all the wonderful pumpkin treats I’ve eaten this month. I also mentioned that I haven’t pumpkin pie yet. No joke, within 24 hours I was at a luncheon that served pumpkin pie for dessert! I could have laughed out loud. In fact, I think I might have. No one knew that I’d just been blogging about pumpkin pie. It was like God saying, “See, I know you!” It might seem silly, but moments like that just make me feel special and loved. I know that in the grand scheme of things like pumpkin pie aren’t a big deal, but I can see God in the little things, the small blessings. Pie made me feel loved! God must read my blog…

Life has been moving it’s normal rapid pace. The luncheon I mention was for the ministers in our local AG section. I was really scared that I was going to be the only lady there, but I was happily surprised to see that I wasn’t alone – one other lady attend. It’s hard being a female minister in a section that has only 4 credentialed women (including myself). I keep asking those above me and praying that there is something I do to see this number grow. I know that’s difficult due to our rural location. I guess I’ll keep praying. Maybe some great idea or opportunity will present itself eventually. I really want to be a voice for women in ministry, but it’s hard to be a voice when it seems like their is no one to speak to.

The great thing about ministry is that you are never really alone. After that luncheon, I had dinner plans with my AG network mentor. She and her husband are home from Africa and she’s been such a blessing to me. She offers a different perspective of ministry and she understands what it can be like to be a credentialed women in a male dominated environment. I’m glad that even though I’m not surround by a ton of other female ministers, I am surround by a handful and they keep me going and inspire me.

Jessica was a beautiful butterfly!

Not only do I love being mentored, but I love the process of mentoring! Last night I was at the theater cheering on Jessica, one of the girls I mentor. Jessica and I met while she was still in children’s ministries and we’ve maintained our friendship ever since. Now she is a senior and doing a production on the same stage that I did a production my senior year. While practicing at the theater, she saw my name on the cast poster for Les Miserables. I didn’t even realize that my name was somewhere in that hallway. Moments like that make me feel like the roots I have in this community have been worth it. It’s been a joy getting to know my students through the years. It’s a special treat to share the same stage or the same milestones in the same locations. Sometimes I get jealous of those who have moved away to the big cities. I wish that I could get to Costco in 10 minutes, not 45… but then these moments come when staying put makes sense and I can see the fruit of deep roots.

I have been seen by a loving God who cares about smallest and silliest things. I have been empowered and mentored. I have been encouraged to stay the course and keep loving people right where I’m at. I am pouring myself into a kids that will affect this community and for that, I am grateful for roots. I am thankful for the whole process. I am thankful for time – time spent developing, growing and going deeper!


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