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Not Your Average Sunday! September 2, 2012

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Today was certainly not an average Sunday. That is for sure! Our church put on a block party for our community that featured two wild animals shows, a car show, free food, a dunk tank, inflatables, etc. Lots to do and see. The day was filled with fun. I think the highlight for me was seeing my hubby in the dunk tank. I honestly thought I was going be the first in line, but nope, I had to get in line behind many of our students. It was really cool to see how many kids wanted to dunk him. It means something if you are cool enough to get dunked. I paid the extra money just to go up and push the button. I throw like a girl… and I’m not ashamed of that fact. However, I didn’t want the whole world to see just how poorly I can throw. Plus, if I missed all three times, then I would have missed my shot at actually dunking him! The animal show was also a great part of the day. I loved the wolves, cougar and arctic foxes. I could have done without each and every snake they pulled out! Ick! Overall, it was a fun way to spend my day, but sooooo not like normal church. It has me a little thrown off now. Doesn’t quite feel like a Sunday.

I was on doggie duty, so I left the block party before Jeremy so I could free Toby from his crate.  I has started to brainstorm a craft project before bed last night so I decided in my few hours of downtime I would create. I used leftover canvas from crafting with April. I also used left over paper from my Missionettes bulletin board two years ago. It’s fun to do a project when I have all the supplies on hand and I can use up stuff that is just sitting my closet. Most of the paper pieces have staple holes in them, but when cut strategically you would never know they were a bulletin board in a past life! I think I like how it turned out. I keep moving the location on which I’ll display it. I had originally thought on the wall by the door, but now I’m thinking on the wood stove with my pumpkin display. We’ll see if it stays there or moves again… or goes away all together. It’s not professional artwork, but it does feel good to get creative every now and again.  Any day I can use a glue gun and Mod Podge is a good day. Does anyone else agree?

Hope you’re enjoying your Labor Day weekend!

Hubby in the dunk tank!

Decorating for Fall!


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