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Todd & Toby Go For A Walk August 27, 2012

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Toby & Todd blaze the trail!

From the time April got back into the area until now, we’ve always said it would be fun to take our dogs on a walk together. Toby and Todd have played around the backyard at my parent’s house, but they have never had an organized activity. Today was that day we spoke of! April and Mom had been planning on doing a portion of the Willapa Hills Trail (also known as Rails to Trails). I’ve heard a lot about this trail. Family members have biked it, ladies for our church organized walks there, but honestly until today, I had no idea where it was. I love the fact that I’ve lived in this location for 14 years and there are still things I discover… Things that everyone already knows. When it comes to nature places or walking trails, I’m a bit out of the loop. When I lived in downtown Chehalis, I would walk the track at the middle school with my friends. Once Jeremy and I moved out to the sticks, we just walk our doggie along the road. It’s nicely paved and fairly quiet. We live right across the street from tree farm land, so the view isn’t too bad.

I will admit that I was a little nervous about how Toby and Todd would do all harnessed up and walking in the same direction. It turns out they did pretty well together. They sniffed stuff and tried to be the lead dog. However, I would say for the most part they were in their own zone and minded their own business. At one point, we passed a very well fed dachshund. Toby and Todd hadn’t a made a noise at anyone, but the dachshund was not shy and started to bark as we passed them, even though our doggies passed by silently. It was so strange, at the moment Toby and Todd became a team and the pack mentality kicked in. Suddenly they were side by side, sniffing each other and acting all interested in each other. It was so random, but they must have felt the need to join forces against the pudgy dachshund who had long past.

The Ladies!

I love to walk! The trail was flat and covered very pretty landscape. I’m not a fan of inclines, so this was perfect for me. It also came at a great time as I have decided to crack down and exercise more. It’s been a bad summer for me when it comes to being active. I haven’t taken Toby on as many walks as I should. It’s always fun to have a buddy and the trip with my mom, sister and the dogs made it very enjoyable. I’m feeling pretty good today about my walking – 4 laps around the church, a walk to the mailbox (which is down the church’s long driveway), and ending the day with doggie walk on a new trail! I was intentionally saving some calories for an after walk snack and Mom offered to treat us to McDonalds. I got a small cone and Toby got an ice water. My final act of the outing was to split my last bite of cone between Todd and Toby. The ride home was quiet. Toby was passed out. He greeted Jeremy by flopping over on his doggie bed.  It was a good outing for both Toby and I! I sure hope Todd feels the same way!


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