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5th Grade Graduation! August 14, 2012

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5th Grade Graduation!

Every year we take our current class of 5th graders to the Mariner’s Safeco Field for a baseball game. I wasn’t able to make it last year due to the flu, so I was super excited to be a part of this year’s trip. I hadn’t been to a Mariner’s game in 2 years, so I was majorly overdue! The great thing about this year’s trek up north was we only had 5 kids with us. The more the merrier is always true in ministry, but as a leader, this was a very manageable group. I wasn’t as worried about losing a kid which meant I could relax a bit and enjoy the game myself.

We started the adventure by stopping at Wendy’s for dinner. The kids all got Frostys…. so did I! Yum! We enjoyed our early dinner so we could make it to the field in time for batting practice. It seemed like hanging out for batting practice was going to be for nothing, but at the very end the two girls of the group were tossed baseballs. I think the boys weren’t thrilled, but they handled it well. The girls on the other hand were beaming! It was the highlight of their night!

The lucky ladies!

After batting practice, we made our way over the team store so we could spend an absurd amount of time shopping. The kids went crazy looking and touching everything. It seemed like a lifetime in that crowded store. However, all the kids left happy, so I guess it’s worth it. Even Jeremy and I got something! This was my first time ever buying something at the game besides food! Ichiro was one of the Mariner’s star players until they traded him to the Yankees, so everything with his name on it was at least 50%. Jeremy and I were talking earlier that day about how we both don’t own any Mariner’s garb. After our stop at the team store, we can no longer say that.

My favorite part!

We still had some time until the game started, so we went on the search for game food. For me, there is nothing like a skewer of Shishkaberries! They are chocolate cover strawberries and they are heavenly! Seriously, I would pay the ticket price to get the berries and just head home! I don’t the kids would have agreed with me.  With my berries happily in hand, we headed to our seats.

Due to the large amounts of soda and the need to buy more food, the kids were up and out their seats from time to time. Part of being a leader is taking many bathroom trips and waiting in line while they buy more candy. The only time the Mariner’s scored a run was while I was out shopping with some of the kids. Oh well. I’m not the kind of person who really cares that much, so I’m glad I was on that run instead of Jeremy.

Toward the end of the game, Jeremy decided to work off some of the sugar the kids has consumed. Everyone, but me and one other student, headed up to the top of the ballpark to dance and scream. They got on the big screen twice! Oh, the fame and glory! I think it was a memory for all of them. Even though the Mariner’s lost, it was still a great day at the ballpark. Batting practice, shopping, and eating are all a part of the experience and these kids experienced it all! Apart from the loss, it was the perfect night! I couldn’t ask for a better trip! I love these kids and it was great to spend some time with them before they officially become middle schoolers! It’s hard to believe I remember when some of them were 3! So crazy!


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