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The Gardener August 11, 2012

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Home Sweet Home!

At the beginning of our marriage, Jeremy and I came to an understanding. I would take the indoor chores, if he would take the outdoor ones. I’m not a fan of the great outdoors. I like looking at them through a window or the occasional camping trip. However, my first thoughts don’t go to what can I do outside. My husband, on the other hand, loves nature and loves being outside. This can be seen through his love for hunting and hiking. This next weekend, he’ll be climbing Mt. St. Helens. Climbing a mountain sounds like torture to me. For it’s a fun opportunity.

I am blessed though to have a hubby who has such a green thumb. When I gave him free reign of the outside of our home, I had no idea that it would entail a garden, an small orchard and many flowers. Jeremy is good about planting seasonal flowers and making our yard look so inviting and welcoming. I assume most men don’t care about flowers, but Jeremy is always experimenting and growing new things. Today he was outside mowing the lawn and watering his many plants.

I in no way find fun in taking care of the yard, but I can tell from Jeremy’s face as he wanders about outside that he loves it! As I was pulling into our garage after church today, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the yard was looking! It’s amazingly colorful! Thanks to Jeremy’s hard work, I can sit back and admire how great our outdoor spaces are.  He is such a talented gardener! We make a good pair. I would never able to do what he does for our home and for that, I am truly grateful!


2 Responses to “The Gardener”

  1. Maggie Says:

    it looks great! i’ve been thinking i need to attempt some outside flowers and such … maybe jeremy can come help us?! haha!

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