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Contentment: Living with stains August 8, 2012

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I’ve been battling myself and my need for things to always look nice and new. I have a few items in my house that have been stained. They are clean and still in good working condition. They just don’t look fresh out of the package. It started a while ago when I really wanted new bedding for our guest room. After 3+ years, the pillowcases have been stained by make-up and the sun has slightly faded the comforter. The floor mat for the shower in our guest bathroom now has a stain on it. I don’t have a spare set of sheets for my king bed. Things like this bug me.  My OCD has a really hard time because stained equals dirty in my mind. These items are not dirty. I have washed them. They are just not in their original condition.  I thought back to when I read the book Seven by Jen Hatmaker and my experiences with the 5/7 Fasts in early spring. I remember how my excess and consumerism really hit like a brick in the face. I don’t want to go back to the way I once was. So I have decided I will not replace these items. At least not now… I understand that I will need to in the future, but right now I will not give them priority. Why? Because it’s vanity! I just want nice, new things. I don’t need them. I have reversed the order I place my pillows on the guest bed. Now the stained pillows can’t be seen. The bathroom floor mat is used twice a week by Jeremy and randomly by house guests. It lives tucked behind the shower curtain – not in plain sight. Why replace something that isn’t often seen or used? My natural reaction to automatically replace things I don’t like… but really everything will get old and get stains. New bedding and new floor mats will only be new for so long. Today I am making up my mind to be content with what I have. Stains and all.


3 Responses to “Contentment: Living with stains”

  1. I really like you Amy and who you are becoming as you remember the Lord :) I’m glad we are friends.

    • Amy Scott Says:

      Aww! I really like you too! :) I’m really glad the Lord is continuing to stretch and grow me! It’s not always fun but it’s always worth it! I’m so happy that you’ve been along for the journey!

  2. […] by this activity. When I got home, I found a bathmat sitting on my entry way bench. After reading my past blog on stains, my mom called to say that she had a neutral colored bathmat just sitting in a closet and she […]

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