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Meeting Brinley July 28, 2012

Filed under: Family Time — Amy Scott @ 2:15 pm

Yesterday was a fun family day spent getting to know our new niece, Brinley! She is such a sweetheart! A very cozy, sleepy baby who handled being passed from aunts to uncles and back again quite graciously. It was wonderful to watch Carson being a big brother in action. He loves Brinley and treats her so gently! Carson didn’t stay newborn sized for very long, so I was  a bit taken back by how small Brinley is. It’s hard to believe humans start so little! It amazes me! It’s not often that all the kids get to hang out together, so it was a great to have some time with Jeremy’s brothers and their wives. We went to lunch together and played some games. The little ones were the highlight of my day, but the overall family time was great. I’m so blessed to be an auntie and to be a part of the Scott family. I look forward to many more memories with my niece and nephew! They are treasures! These little days will go by quickly, so I’m happy to make the most of them!


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