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Saving Moments July 26, 2012

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What is saving your life right now?

I’m answering this question in response to a blog posted on Sarah Bessy’s blog. Click the link to see what inspired this blog.  I liked this challenge because it reminds that there are things in my life that really do get me through. These things are gifts from God and I don’t want to take the little things for granted – these things that daily save me. So here is what saving my life right now:

  • Getting lost in a story – I just finished The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery and I’m currently reading Words by Ginny L. Yttrup. A good novel transports me into another world and another life. I seem to fade and so does the noise of my world.
  • The Road to Avonlea – This childhood favorite of mine has been taking me back in time to when things were simpler and seemed to make more sense. Just like my books, this show has been a lifeline to my sanity. It has taken me out of my world and I am grateful for my escapes to Prince Edward Island. As I watch the screen, I almost wish I could walk right into the action like Alice in the looking glass.
  • Snugly Pup!

    My puppy sleeping on my lap – nothing brings me more comfort than my little dog sleeping on my lap. I feel like my home is a sanctuary and we are comfortably enjoying each other’s company.

  • Old Love by The Rocket Summer – this song takes me back to those old days, old love, old romance. It’s so simple and powerful.
  • Annie’s Bunnies – A special road trip snack that I love!
  • Road Trip Memories – I keep playing the last weeks memories over and over again in my head. It was wonderful to get away.
  • Mentoring – going to dinner last night with a student and just getting to be myself is a special experience. I love laughing with students and getting to be goofy, while encouraging them in their faith and walk with the Lord. I leave these meeting energized because I feel I am making a difference in someone’s life.
  • Shopping in the girl’s section at Carter’s – now that I have a little niece I was giddy with excitement as  I wandered the girl’s section. Half of the store has been off-limits to me – now the whole story is open!
  • From my hubby this morning!

    My hubby’s silliness – He makes me laugh. A lot. I need that! I need him!

  • Text messages from my sister – we get each other. It’s nice to be understood.
  • Phone calls from my mom – she just wanted to hear my voice! I am blessed by her friendship!
  • Family dinners – sharing food with my family is one of my favorite moments together.
  • A good report from the doctor! No more follow-up appointments for an issue that I don’t have!

Memories of Big Trees!



This list could be longer, but at this is what came to mind. It’s not super spiritual, but these are spiritual things to me. These are the way that I feel God’s love and blessing in my life. These are the treasures that make my life special. These are things that take the craziness of life and make it fade into the background.

This is what is saving my life right now. Thank you, Jesus!


3 Responses to “Saving Moments”

  1. Love your list (and the Blue Castle is one of my favourites!).

    • Amy Scott Says:

      Thanks! I actually read it based off your book lists! I love LM Montgomery so when you mentioned it, I just had to read it! It was fantastic!

  2. […] I don’t deserve a doughnut. But this how I self-medicate. This is how I feel better. A couple blogs back I wrote about what is saving me right now. While these saving moments are truly blessing from the Lord, I realize that they are not my God. […]

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