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From One Adventure to the Next! July 18, 2012

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Giving God our garbage!

Today was the grand finale of Sky Family VBA! It’s hard to believe that four days of VBA are now over. They went so fast! Each night was awesome and tonight did not disappoint. Because 7:00pm is when our regular church services happen on Wednesday, we decided to wrap VBA with all the kids and adults – not just the ones that signed up for VBA. We abbreviated the night so we could fit the whole program into just over an hour. We started off by reviewing what we’d learned and watched a slideshow full of fun pictures from the week. After that, we sang 5 of our favorite song (with motions of course). I know this part probably stretched the adults the most, but I think it’s important for kids to learn worship from their parents. The Bible says we need to have faith like a child, so why not dance like one? We moved in our powerful Bible lesson. This story is really why we do VBA! We talked about the cross and salvation. To illustrate, we hung pieces of garbage bags on the cross. We talked about how God takes our garbage and forgives our sins. Once we place the garbage on the cross, we grabbed glow sticks and cracked them to symbolize that God’s light now shines in us. We moved from the Bible lesson into a craft and snack. It was wonderful to come together as families and as a church family to remember the heart of the story – the reason we do what do. It’s all about Jesus! I’m praying a lot of young hearts made a firm commitment to follow him tonight – no matter what we’re going to trust God!

God’s light in us!

Now in less than 9 hours, Jeremy and I will be on another adventure. We’re packing up the car tonight and planning to hit the road around 6:00am tomorrow! That means being up at 4:30am for me… Oh my… Right after VBA, what was I thinking? I know… “Must get out of the state… must travel… must go…” It’s going to be great to spend 5 days with my hubby! We’ll drive all day tomorrow and get into the Bay area that evening. We’ll see the sights and where Jeremy used to live. Saturday evening, we’ll drive up to the Redwood Forests and pitch a tent for a couple of days. Monday will another driving day as we head home and reunite with our little dog, who is sadly not joining us. We love Toby and always miss him, but I don’t think the hotel will be happy if we left him barking there while we sight see! Even now as we get stuff ready to go, Toby is freaking out. He knows we’re up to something and he doesn’t like it. Toby’s motto would be “Stay with the routine!” He really hates when we throw off his schedule. Oh well… I keep reminding myself that my life doesn’t revolve around this dog. Jeremy and I haven’t been a road trip just the two of us. In fact, we haven’t been a trip just two of us in long while… Probably Nashville in 2008 and even that was to visit a friend. Trips with family and friends are great, but I’m really looking forward to this adventure with Jeremy. It’s going to be worth the drive, I’m sure! Here’s to new memories and more summer fun!

See ya when I return!


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