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A Split Personality Kind of Week July 17, 2012

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Oh, multi-tasking! How I dislike you! You bring such stress to my life. My thoughts run together and bounce from one topic to the next! Welcome to my week!

Flying at SKY Family VBA!

Sunday started our first ever week of Family Vacation Bible Adventure! This year we’re doing something totally different by having parents attend VBA alongside the kids. We’ve reformatted things so that parents can be ones having the spiritual conversations with their kids. It’s hard to break the mindset that parent’s bring their kids to church and it’s up to the church to make their kids into good Christians. We want to empower parents to be the spiritual leaders of their families and see that faith starts at home. What we do as a church will never compare to what they do daily in their households. The purpose of this new VBA format is to show families how fun it can be to do faith-based things together. Hopefully after this week, parents will feel more comfortable with having faith conversations at home. It’s been fun to do things in a new way. Having the parents around really adds a whole new level energy to the week. We’re still doing all the classic VBA elements, but with a twist!

When VBA rolls around it seems like it’s the only thing on Jeremy and I’s mind. However, this year, we have a few other things competing for our time and attention. Like I mentioned yesterday, we now have a niece, Brinley, who arrived yesterday. We’ve all been anticipating her arrival for the last week.  It was a mystery to us what day she’d actually appear, but yesterday was the day. We’re so excited, but we’re sad that we don’t get to meet her for a few weeks.  This is my first niece, so the excitement level is off the charts!

Yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment right smack-dab in the middle of my day. Nothing big – no worries, but still, I hate going to the doctor. Anything medical freaks me out and makes my blood pressure spike. Oh goodie! So I had to race from work, to home, to the doctors, to home and back to church for VBA. I felt like I was willing the car to move faster while still going the speed limit. I made it everywhere I needed to on time, but it was close. I kept flying in right at the last second!

When Jeremy and I came home to let Toby out of the crate for lunch, we noticed that he was in the window as we drove past our house. We lock Toby in a crate each morning when we leave, so you can imagine our shock when we saw him roaming the house! As we get ready to leave in the morning, Toby runs into his crate. There he sits and waits for us to give him a treat and lock him in. Jeremy realized that we had left without locking him in. Oops! Now Toby is the kind of dog that doesn’t do well with free time in the house. His nature is always be with people, so when he is home alone he doesn’t stop moving. He is always looking for the people and freaking out because they are no where to be found. As a result of the stress, we had a couple of accidents waiting for us. Yes, it might seem weird, but our dog loves the structure of the crate. I can’t believe we forgot to lock him in when we left! Oh well – one of the side effects of VBA brain!

San Francisco here we come!

Finally, we leave Thursday morning for our road trip to San Francisco! I’ve been trying to clean the house, get laundry done, clean out the fridge and pantry, find a Toby sitter and pack for our trip. All while being home limited hours due to VBA. It’s nuts! My brain keeps hoping from thing to thing… Get house ready, make sure everything is in place for our Toby sitters, make sure VBA stuff is taken care… It’s like mental ping-pong! I’m super excited for our trip, but the reality of it really hasn’t hit yet. VBA is too important to let my mind slip and forget something related to this highlight of our children’s ministry summer.

And now, I’ve used up my allotted free time for blogging! Back to the mental to-do list! If I don’t keep moving, I might fall over completely and that wouldn’t be good! It’s all worth it! Vacation is on the horizon!


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