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I’m an auntie! AGAIN! July 16, 2012

Filed under: Simply Me — Amy Scott @ 9:40 pm

Hey blogging world, I just couldn’t keep the good news to myself! My sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Andrea & Eric, are now the parents of two beautiful children! My nephew, Carson, now has a little sister, Brinley! It’s hard being three hours away and knowing it will be weeks until I can meet her. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have both a niece and a nephew! It’s the best of both worlds! Every time I go into Carter’s I always look longing at the girls section! Now have a reason to shop on both sides. Amazing! I just can’t help but use a ton of exclamation points!!!!! Congrats to Eric & Andrea and their family of FOUR! Woo hoo!


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  1. […] but it’s still comforting knowing she’s just a half hour away instead of days. I got my very first niece in 2012! The joy of having both a niece and a nephew is really […]

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