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Summer is here! July 8, 2012

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My first attempt at homemade popsicles! Raspberry lemonade!

Summer officially arrived this week! It’s been amazing weather and I’ve been enjoying every second of it! Now I get made fun of a lot for being very “white”, pretty much void of color… even in the summer months. What can I say? I have a desk job, people! The last few days I’ve done my best to be out in the sun, soaking up as many rays as possible! It’s been great!

This weekend really felt like summer all the way around! Friday was Jeremy and I’s awesome day in the Portland, OR area celebrating us and spending time together! The laid back summer feeling flowed right into Saturday when I got to sleep in! Oh, how I love sleeping in! My hubby is always so nice to take the doggie out the room once Toby decides it’s time to get up (usually 2 hours before I’m ready). Jeremy went off fishing for the morning and I cleaned the house and then went outside to read in the sunshine. Like I mentioned earlier, gotta work on that tan! Jeremy came home with some fish to bury in the yard. Apparently, the fish will fertilize his plants and make them happy. I just tried to keep Toby from getting a hold of one! The afternoon was spent making shortcakes for our ever abundant strawberries, reading, making homemade popsicles (a first for me), and doing tons of laundry. It was the perfect mix of fun and productivity. I felt like I got a lot done and yet I got to do it at my own pace. No rush. Perfect!

Abundant Strawberries!

With today being Sunday, I headed off to church as I do every Sunday morning. Nothing too out of the norm. When I got into children’ church, Jeremy asked me to go his office to get a package. I assumed it was some craft or activity for the morning, but it turns out my hubby was surprising me with roses for our anniversary! So sweet and a very creative way to give them to me. It was fun to get something at church because it made being at work on our anniversary special. After church, we headed over to Jeremy’s parents house where they treated us to a yummy anniversary lunch! The weather was perfect to sit back in the shade and catch up!

A walk around the park at sunset!

Once we got home, Jeremy and I continued our day by hanging in the yard. We picked more strawberries and I pulled out my book while Jeremy took care of his plants. Overall, we were just enjoying the outside time. For dinner, we drove down to Longview, WA for meal out. Stuffed full of too much good food, we decided to take a walk around Lake Sacajawea Park at sunset. Very picturesque and fun. The drive home was spent listening to a random shuffle of music and singing at the top of our lungs. We’re silly and we know it!

Even though Thursday was back in the office, the combination of Independence Day, my Dad’s birthday, celebrating our anniversary on multiple days and the overall summery, sunny days has made this week really feel like a mini-vacation. Or I guess they call it a “staycation” these days.  It’s been a lot of fun to hang out with my sweetie and family. The summer weather has decided to stay around for a while and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve got a busy week coming up as we prepare our first ever Family VBA. I’m hoping the sunshine will keep the vacation vibe going and help to me remain calm even under pressure. If I get overwhelmed this week, I really should head outside for a minute, close my eyes, take a deep breath, feel the warmth of the sun and remember it’s summer! It’s officially here!


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