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Celebrating Six Years! July 7, 2012

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Lunch at Qdoba!

Yesterday was a great day! It’s not often that Jeremy and I get to spend the whole day just us! Our schedules are busy and our hobbies are different. We often end up in different directions. We have to be intentional about “us” time and yesterday was one of those days. Now, our anniversary isn’t till tomorrow, but we had some big plans and we wanted the whole day for them. Sunday is obviously a work day, so we decided to celebrate early and extended the joy over many days!

We got up early and drove down to the Woodburn Company Stores. We don’t hit this shopping area often, so it’s always a special treat. Jeremy scored some major deals and was pretty excited about his super savings. I had only three things on my own list and it seemed impossible to find what I was looking for. In fact, I only ended up getting 2/3 of my list. Sad story. Oh well, it’s no biggie. I had a lot of fun watching my hubby go on a shopping spree. Like I’ve mentioned before, the man only shops once a year, so it’s go big or go home!

There are very few special days were I let myself eat whatever I want. My anniversary is one of them. Partially because I don’t want to be a bummer to Jeremy by saying no to places based on calories. However, I look forward to these “free pass” days! I only do them about 3-4 times a year. For me, more than the shopping, the day was about the food! Breakfast at Starbucks, lunch at Qdoba, dinner at Macaroni Grill and a snack at Krispy Kreme! Good times!

An example of Jeremy’s creativity!

The best part of the day was just getting to spend it with my hubby. He makes me a laugh a lot!  The weather was warm and sunny. It was the perfect summer escape from routine. Jeremy surprised me by going to Barnes and Noble to buy a guide book for San Francisco. We have a collection of them now from our various travels. They are great on the trip and an awesome way to remember the sights after a trip. It was very sweet of him to think of getting one for San Francisco – even if we will only be there a couple of days. This lead to us talking about our trip and getting all excited to hit the road together (the official count down as begun and now we’re at 12 days away).

The last six years with Jeremy have been amazing. It’s been so much fun to walk through life together and grow closer. I love our home and the life that he has given me. He helps me to not take life too seriously and to slow down and enjoy the little things. His silly sense of humor keeps me laughing and my toes. He is a great listener and always tries his best to see the world through my eyes. He tries to understand me, even when I really don’t understand myself! I’m blessed to have such an awesome best friend to share my life with.

Thank you, Jeremy, for six wonderful years of marriage! Here’s to MANY more!


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