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Forever Young July 6, 2012

Filed under: Simply Me — Amy Scott @ 7:45 am

I hear it often – “You look so young!” Most adults say that’s a good thing and I’ll appreciate it later in life. Most of my students are shocked when they learn I’m 26. They often guess I’m a teenager, but the number I most often hear is 12. Now, I know that I don’t look 12, but it can be a little annoying always being asked my age and seeing how shocked people are. I was thinking through this Ageless Amy phenomenon that people mention and I started to compare pictures of me through the ages. Apparently, I wasn’t photographed much at age 12, so I have a picture from my 13th birthday as the start (half of my current lifetime). The progression ends with a photo I took on the 4th of July. What do you think? I don’t look 12 in my opinion… I would stay that I’m probably forever stuck in my teens. How long will that last? Will I be 40 and look like a teenager? That thought creeps me out! Oh well… I guess I should be glad that people don’t think I’m older than I am. I guess I’m going to be forever young – hopefully at heart, even if the years take their toll!

Traveling through time!


4 Responses to “Forever Young”

  1. maggsb86 Says:

    I think due to movies and TV shows where the actors and actresses are WAY older than the ages they are playing … it skews people’s view of how old someone should look. But that’s a whole different conversation!

    You have a youthful face, but you have aged with time … you’ve just aged well! :)

    • Amy Scott Says:

      I can get that… I was just thinking that about that at a movie last night. The actors were a lot older than the characters they played. I’m glad you think I’ve aged well! :) Personally I’m not too concerned about aging too much. It just gets annoying being asked my age a lot. Oh well!

  2. Christa Says:

    You definitely don’t look 12! And trust me, it is nice when you are approaching 40 and people barely believe you are over 30! People can never guess my age…and now its entertaining and makes me feel good. A decade ago, it was still annoying. :)
    You have aged well. You have a fun youthfulness which fits you perfectly because you work with kids!

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