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A Week of Celebration! July 5, 2012

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Getting Ready for Sky!

This is a super fun week! It seems like there is something to party about each day! What’s not to like about that? The partying started this Sunday and Monday with VBA decorating parties (Vacation Bible Adventure). We’ve been transforming our building to gain momentum of our week of Sky VBA! It’s hard to believe that it will be here in a week and a half. Decorating in advance, especially before the registration deadline, is a  great way to get VBA in front of people and get them excited for it. However, these parties involved work and happened at work. While they were good, they were certainly not the highlight of the party themed week!

Celebrating our freedom!

Yesterday was Independence Day and it was great to celebrate in a very laid back way. I slept in. I read outside while Jeremy played in the yard (really his berry patch and garden). I came in and made a ton of waffles that didn’t turn out so well. I used a different kind of batter and it just wasn’t the same results. After my mid-morning meal, Jeremy, Toby and I took off into nature to go check on Jeremy’s trail camera. It wasn’t a long walk, but it was nice to walk off some of the waffle I ate. Later that afternoon, we went over my parent’s house to lounge around outside in the sun and barbeque! Very good day! Jeremy and I decided not buy fireworks this year so we could save for our upcoming trip to San Francisco and the Redwood Forest. We happily watched our neighbors show while roasting s’mores over our own fire. Nice! The only downside to the day was the fact that our Toby dog is scared of fireworks.  I eventually joined him in our closet for the last of the noise. He just needed a buddy to calm and protect him. Poor pup!

The partying just keeps on going! Today is my dad’s birthday, so Jeremy and I will join him later this afternoon to go see The Amazing Spiderman. We’ll have dinner at Chipotle and frozen yogurt for dessert! This is a classic Vitzthum family dinner! I can’t wait! It’s so beautiful outside and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my day with family. It will be a good time celebrating another year of my awesome Dad!

Celebrating 6 Years! 7.8.06

Tomorrow, Jeremy and I are heading down to the Portland area to celebrate our anniversary. It’s a couple days early, but we figured it worked best for our schedule and why not celebrate “us” on multiple days! We love the Woodburn Factory Stores so we plan on doing some shopping and eating some yummy food. Jeremy is a shop for clothes once a year kind of guy, so the last time we did this was our anniversary last year! It’s always fun to get away with him and spend the whole day together.

As of now, Saturday holds no party plans, but that’s okay. I really need to clean my bathrooms… maybe I can make some kind of game in my head about how cleaning bathrooms can be like a party… I’m just not sure I can spin it that far… Oh well! Sunday is Jeremy and I’s actually anniversary. We have no current plans, but I’m sure it will be another amazing

day spent together getting to celebrate 6 years of marriage! It’s crazy how fast time flies… and yet, it feels like we’ve been together forever. Does that make sense?

So here’s to a week of celebrating! I plan on having a good time with those I love, eating a lot of good food and enjoying the sunshine! It doesn’t get better than this!



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