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The Downside of Facebook July 1, 2012

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I apologize if this comes off as a rant, but I’ll admit that I’m irritated and fired up. I’m upset. Sometimes I wonder if I really should be on Facebook. People openly post about their lives and for the most part, my curious side loves to see what everyone is up to. This is especially true for friends and family that don’t live locally, I really love seeing their photos and getting their updates.

However, Facebook has a very real down side. As a teacher and a mentor, of course, I’m tuned into what my former students and now Facebook friends are saying. I wonder why they friend me and then openly post garbage on their pages. Is there no social conscience anymore? Don’t they feel the tiniest nudge of the Holy Spirit? I just don’t get it.

I have a hard time not wanting to respond when I see some of the things they say about boys, friends, movies, music… How should I respond when they treat men like meat openly on social networking for the whole world to see?  I can seat across from them at church or out to lunch and they tell me how much they love Jesus. Normally, I’ll ask how their quiet time is going and what part of the Bible their reading. This leads to an explanation of how spotty their time with Jesus really is. They love Jesus at church, but do they really love Jesus with their whole heart? Does their love for Jesus lead to obedience? Does their love for Jesus lead to a set a part life? I’m not seeing it!

The worst part is I don’t want them to think I’m judging them. I don’t want them to think that I’m a hater who is out to get them. I want to keep the doors of communication open with them so they don’t push me away. How do I call them to higher standard without alienating them?

I honestly don’t think a mentor is doing their job if they just sit by and say nothing. However, I think there is something to be said about wanting to be mentored. I can’t make them listen to my voice. If they don’t want to hear what I have to say then they won’t listen. I’ll be tuned out.  All I can do is share the truth in the most loving way I possibly can. The rest is up to them.

They have to want it for themselves. As much as I hope to impart Godly wisdom and character into their lives, I can’t think for them. I can’t be their conscience. I can only pray that they will listen when the Holy Spirit speaks. I pray that his voice become louder than the other influences and that they don’t tune him out.  Only until they want it, will there be change in their lifestyle.

It’s so frustrating to me. I’ve poured a lot of time, energy and prayer into these ladies. I have taught them in my classroom and seen their love for the Lord at a young age. It hurts my heart to see them disconnect from faith and so blatantly settle for the trash that is out there.  There is a disconnect for them when it comes to loving Jesus and actually living for him.  When I was a teenager, I certainly wasn’t perfect, but I had standards! I had standards for the movies I watched, the music I listened to, the clothes that I wore, and the words that I said. I had standards for my purity and how I wanted to treat young men. I so desperately want these ladies to see the benefit of high standards, of living with a Godly purpose. But I am not in control. I also feel really old after ranting about “when I was a teenager”… Ugh, just give me a cane and call me outdated!

I pray that God gives me wisdom as I balance my own pain and hurt over the choices. I pray that I would have opportunities to encourage their faith and point them towards Jesus. I pray that I can accept that sometimes prayer is all I can do.  It’s just hard. It really upset me and makes me mad.


Your thoughts?

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