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June Ends In Gray June 30, 2012

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The View from My Window

June started gray and it looks like it’s going to end gray. I know it seems strange, but I’m okay with that. Especially this morning, the gray seems calming and comforting. It has created a stillness. The clouds are almost like a blanket that reminds me to slow down and enjoy the quiet moments. Gray days can be good days.

This morning started off with my hubby heading out to wander the woods. He and his brother, Nathan, have trail cameras set up in their favorite hunting grounds. Jeremy loves checking his camera to find out if anything has walked in front of it. I know that he really enjoys this time with family and nature, so I’m happy he can be out and about doing something he loves.

This leaves the puppy and myself here at the house. It really has been the perfect morning for the two of us. Toby has enjoyed looking out the window as I tidy the house. I love mornings where there is nothing that has to get done. I do what I do because I want to not because I feel like I have to. I quietly cleaned the floors, unloaded the dishwasher, folded some laundry. I have the windows open so I can hear the birds chirping and soft drizzle from time to time. Toby, of course, barks at anyone who might walk down our road.

Toby’s Treat

I decided that Toby and I both deserved a special treat on this quiet, gray morning. We purchased a four pack of dog toys from Costco ages ago and we’ve slowly been giving Toby a toy out of the pack. The problem about these toys is that they have stuffing. Toby loves to kill his toys and rip out the stuffing. Which means my floor becomes covered in toy fluff. However, I was feeling generous and I decided that I could handle the mess. So Toby was awarded a new toy to spend the morning killing. At this time, he has opted for looking at the sliding glass door just a few feet away from me. Maybe he is comforted by the gray, just as I am.

My Treat

My special treat was a breakfast of Strawberry Shortcake – one of my favorite desserts! Jeremy’s strawberry patch has been doing excellent this year and we are reaping the rewards! Last week, Jeremy made a ton of sweet strawberry jam. I’ve discovered how wonderful it is put on top of desserts since it’s really more like strawberry syrup in flavor and texture. I started to create my masterpiece from the ground up. Base layer – shortcake. Next layer, jam. Around the shortcake, strawberries from the garden in a circle. End with whipped cream on top! Yum! It was a great treat after a morning of cleaning.

Now I must pull my thoughts a different direction and get them focused on some work. My quiet time alone in the house is only for so long and I have some work related tasks I want to get done before Jeremy emerges from the forest. This is the perfect environment to focus and get stuff done. If I can stop daydreaming about the weather! If not, oh well! God has made this delightfully gray day and I will rejoice and be glad in it!


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