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Draw Bridges, Oregon Zoo, Flat Tire, Chinese Food June 29, 2012

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Okay, that title pretty much sums up my day yesterday! It certainly was a whirlwind of fun activities and strange experiences!

The Whole Zoo Group!

We left “almost” on time for the Oregon Zoo. My van only had 4 people in it… which has a funny story behind it! I kept saying we’re the Fab Five and the one student in the vehicle felt the need to keep her mouth shut. She didn’t have the heart to tell me we had only 4 people in our van. Upon further reflection, I was saying this in light of the fact that Jesus is always with us. So yes, counting Jesus, were the Fab Five! On the ride down we played the alphabet game as a group (trying to find a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet on signs and cars). Once we got to the Vancouver area, we noticed signs saying the draw bridge was up. As a result the freeway turned into a parking lot. The craziest part, was the leaders from our church vehicles started to get out and talk… ON THE FREEWAY! I was freaking out in the front seat of a church van. There was no way I was getting out onto the freeway, even if it was a parking lot. The guys were examining something that was going wrong with our shuttle’s muffler. So I guess that makes it okay. The kids in the shuttle thought for sure that they were parked next to Justin Bieber. One of the leaders got and asked to take picture with the person (who turned out to be a lady) just so the kids who think it was really him. After they all figured out it was a women, they called her Justine Bieber for the rest of the day. Too weird! Even more strange, she ended up at the Zoo just like us! So we saw a lot of “Justine”.

After a quick bathroom stop, we made it to the zoo. Just a little bit later than we had expected. From there it was make a plan and meet up in an hour for lunch. My sister and I led a group of 5 girls and we had a blast. There were moments where I was laughing so hard! For example, after lunch we headed to Africa. The girls asked us how we would get there and I said by plane.  That is the only way to get to Africa. As we started to walk, I made a comment that April was the pilot and on the girls was her co-pilot since they were up front. The next girl said she was in first class, me and two other girls behind her claimed we were in coach and the one girl behind us said that she must be in the bathroom because she was it the back of the plane! I also died! It was so funny!

Changing a flat tire!

The sunny hours at the zoo turned into a cloudy late afternoon as we left and headed home. A little sunburned and a little tired, we arrived back at Bethel Church. My brothter-in-law, Andrew, met us there so the four of us could go to dinner. But first, we had an issue of a flat tire from the day before that needed to be dealt with. I walked April and Andrew back to the car to show them the tire and before long the three of us were changing the tire. I should mention that none of us had ever removed a tire or placed a spare tire on a car before. We found the equipment in the trunk, which I was happy to learn that all stuff was located back there! Once we had the tools, we need to the know how. Being tech savvy, I pulled up YouTube on my phone and started to watch videos about changing tires. The video helped a little, but we decided we needed the owner’s manual. Once the manual was out, we got down to business! We had the tire changed by the time Jeremy got done seeing all the kids off from the zoo trip!

We left the church in a caravan to take the car to our local tire place.  The car was left in the care of trusty professionals and we headed of to Peking House for dinner. Taking kids around the zoo sure builds an appetite and we were starving! I think this might be our third time of getting Chinese food after the zoo trip, so it’s starting to become a tradition. It was a very tasty way to end a crazy, weird, educational, busy day!


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