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Funny Story June 23, 2012

Filed under: Family Time,Simply Me — Amy Scott @ 5:45 pm

I’ve been looking forward to this morning for a couple of weeks. Why? Because I was looking forward to a morning where I didn’t have to set an alarm. I love to sleep in! The busy pace of the last couple weeks was really catching up with me, so that made this morning stand out as even more important to me. I was going to protect it all costs!

Then, I found that family was going to be in town and a brunch was scheduled for 10:00am. For most that wouldn’t be a problem, but for me, sleeping in means getting up between 9:00-10:00am. What was I to do? I wanted to sleep in so badly, but I don’t get to see our Ellensburg family all that often. Talk about inner conflict.

I decided that this was just family. All of them had seen me unshowered while camping, so I was just going to roll out of bed in time to head to the brunch -throw on some jeans and put my hair in a pony tail. This is a big deal for those who know me well. If we’ve learned anything from the 5/7 Fasts this spring, my personal appearance means something to me (although I wish it didn’t).

As I was sleepily waking out the door this morning, I couldn’t help but feel blah because that is how I looked. When we started down the road to Jeremy’s parent’s house, we noticed his aunt and uncle were walking down the driveway. Then we notice another car in the driveway as well. I thought this was going to be an immediate family gathering and it turned out to be a little bigger than I expected.

Now, I know that no one cares that I showed up with bedhead. If the did, at least they didn’t voice it. However, I felt icky about it. I know I shouldn’t. I know I needed the sleep and I’m not ashamed of that. I guess I just have to be real and accept that I won’t always portray the perfect image at all times. Oh well! Still learning this lesson!


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