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Father’s Day June 19, 2012

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I’m very blessed to have two great Dads in my life. Jeremy’s father, Bill, is a sweet man who is really good at strategy games and math. Anytime I need help adding points at a game, I’m pretty sure Bill is better than a calculator! Since Bill works at the church, I get to see him in action daily. He is always calm and steady. He works hard. He gets to the church before my alarm even goes off! He is dedicated to his work and to his family. I am so thankful for the influence he had is raising his son. I can see how God used Bill to shape Jeremy into the man that he is. I am thankful to have him as a father-in-law.

Father’s Day 2012

Even though my dad and I have some differences, I’m often concerned at just how similar we are. My mom often laughs when I’m talking to her and says things like “Your dad said the same thing” or “Your dad is the same way”. I’ve learned over time that my dad and I really do have some strange similarities. Occasionally, I wonder what God was thinking by making me so much like my father, but for the most part, I guess I should thank him. My dad is a pretty great guy. I guess that is an up side to being like him. Following in his footsteps probably isn’t a bad thing. My dad has always been someone I can talk to about the hard issues in life. I appreciate the honesty and openness I feel in our relationship. My dad has always worked hard to support our family. I will admit to being a bit spoiled growing before my dad discovered Financial Peace University. It was fun to be a daddy’s girl and get new stuff from my dad. Thanks, Dad, for all the clothes and Cabbage Patch dolls you purchased for me over the years, as well as the CDs and the concerts you took April and I (and our friends) to. The stuff really doesn’t matter, but I know that my dad cares about me.

The Softball Years

I’m often sorry that I wasn’t the sport star that my dad had hoped for. My family was big into the softball scene and my dad coached a lot of my teams. I certainly wasn’t the star player, it was great to have my dad around.  He treated me just like all the other kids because that is the way that my dad is – completely fair and very professional (even when it comes to Little League).  However, he could have chosen not to be there. He could have prioritized other things. So thankfully,even though the whole sports thing didn’t pan out for the Vitzthum girls, my dad was still there for us, regardless of how great we were.

Very few girls can probably say this, but one of my favorite things to do in high school was to get into the hot tub with my dad and discuss life. I remember talking with him about becoming president of the school Christian club or what college major I should get. My dad gave me the opportunity to travel to all my top colleges so I could make an informed decision. Being informed is very important to us. We’re natural researchers. My dad drove to the airport with me to get Jeremy in an ice storm. He let me stay up late and The Father of the Bride with him as a kid. I remember the bubbles at the beginning of the movie made me think it was a grown up movie because that was alcohol. I felt like I was getting away with something even though he let me watch the movie right by him! I also remember trying to tell my dad not to drink a soda on the way to a family vacation at the Oregon Coast, because that was “drinking and driving”. I didn’t realize that soda didn’t count!

I could post endless stories and memories about my dad and how much he means to me. I am thankful for the legacy he has given my sister and myself. We were always challenged to love the Lord and serve him first.  We were shown dedication and a hard work ethic. We were given experiences that shaped us into who we are today. So thank you, Dad! I wouldn’t be who I am without! I appreciate all you’ve poured into me. I’m proud to be your daughter! I love you!


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