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Class Sleepover 2012 June 6, 2012

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For those that were wondering, my class sleepover was awesome this weekend! We had 6 students and 4 leaders attend – that’s a good ratio! The best part of the sleepover for me is my house is full of noise and laughter! I’m fairly positive this class sleepover is the loudest time my house ever seen! It was strange this year because even with less girls than usual it seemed 10 times louder! My favorite memory this year was when one of my students came into the kitchen where I was cleaning up after dessert. She looked at me and explained that she was amazed at my patience. She told me that I was the most patient person she knew. She acknowledged that my house was full of loud girls who were making a mess and I was quietly just tidying up and not stressing about it. I told her the truth was for one night I expect this kind of craziness in my home. For one night I can handle a mess and the noise. That’s the fun part of sleepovers, you can do crazy things that you wouldn’t do every other day of the week.

Our night started off with a pizza dinner. Yum! After dinner Jeremy took our group picture and then he and Toby took off for the night. The girls always ask why Jeremy never stays, but then asked them how they would feel there house was taken over by boys – would they want to stay? Most get wide eyes and say no quite quickly. We started our craft after Jeremy’s departure. It was great to see each girl get creative and bring their own personality to the craft. It’s also wonderful for me to share a craft that I did a lot growing up. I was a big fan of mod podge back in the day. In fact, I think for a time in high school, I mod podged anything and everything I could get my hands on!

After crafting we cleaned up the table and set out dessert. The funny thing was this was our second dessert since the pizza came with cinnamon sticks. The dessert kebabs went over well and were very tasty! It was nice that they could each pick what they liked and didn’t like. Once the sugar was consumed, we started a couple rounds of games with the Wii. This is always a fun competition. However, none of us were pros, so it was silly fun more than competition.

One student was arriving late after a soccer tournament and it was a special day for her because it was her birthday. When I saw her family car pulling into my driveway, the girls hid in the kitchen with a cake and lit candles. I told her the girls were all in the kitchen and as she turned the corner they burst out in “Happy Birthday”! It was awesome to share that moment with them. Once the candles were blown out, the cake was cut and the girls proceeded to have their 3rd dessert! Really??? Okay… I’m passing my love of sugar down to the next generation!

We moved on to board games and then a movie! Bed time happened later than I expected. Even at 12:45am after the movie, the girls were still awake! Crazy! All the girls were finally asleep by 1:45am and we were all up by 6:45am. Really???? I’m never lucky enough to have a class that would sleep until 9:00am! Oh well! It goes with the territory! We enjoyed waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Once breakfast was over, we played games until it was time to head home.

Overall, we all had a blast! It was a lot of fun, a little messy, and sometimes smelly (ask Jeremy about cleaning the bathroom afterwards)! I love being able to have my students in my home. It is always a good time that the students talk about long after its over. In fact, one student told me that she walked home from a friends house (a great distance) when she remembered that the sleepover was that night. Even though she loves her friends, she didn’t want to miss the sleepover. She then told me that was glad she came and that she was having a lot of fun. This student has a tough life and often sits quietly. It is always special to see a student drop their guard and just be themselves! Good times! Good memories!


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