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The Bad Blog Follow-Up May 19, 2012

Filed under: Family Time,Simply Me — Amy Scott @ 9:21 pm

It’s a just like a sister to help me add to my blog about what I’m bad at! April let me know that she thought I should have hills added to my list. It’s true. I don’t like hills. As you can guess, that means I’m not much of a hiker. Unless you consider hiking to be walking on a flat surface. In fact, I used my hatred of hills as a part of my college decision process. After visiting Seattle Pacific University and staying in a dorm room at the top of the hill, I decided I just couldn’t do a hill daily. However, funny thing, while Multnomah had no hills on campus, we did have to walk up a small hill and a couple flights of stairs to get to chapel. Since it was a good Christian college, we had chapel almost everyday. So much for avoiding hills. At least, I only have to go there once a day verses up and down multiple times a day. I’ve also been asked why I decided not to climb Mt. St. Helen’s with my hubby, but I think the answer should be obvious! It’s a giant hill!

Now the another thing I thought of after the fact was video games! April spent the night last night while my hubby was away at a men’s conference. It’s nice to have someone else around the house so I don’t have to be home alone all night long. I know I have a dog, but at 13 pounds, he isn’t too intimidating to potential intruders! Anyway, April and I played some Wii Party and it came to me. I’m really bad at video games. We tried our hand at Super Mario Bros a couple weeks ago and we struggled at the first castle. Apparently lava is deadly. Go figure! So yes, video games. I’m very bad at them!

Just thought you should know!



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