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The Bad Blog May 18, 2012

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Most people blog about things they really love and are good at. I thought I would do the opposite and give you some insight into the things that I’m really bad at! Trust me… all of things I am about to list have been proven by experience (and humiliation)!

  • Ironing – I fail at this! Why do irons leave marks on my clothes even after I make sure the iron is clean? Why do things wrinkle right back up again? Why don’t I own a full sized ironing board! Some questions can never be answered.
  • Sports – Hand/Eye coordination – what’s that? Moving quickly – do you mean run? Never! I’m terrible at sports. I hated running the mile in school. I remember when my dad finally realized I wasn’t going to be a sport star and let me drop out of the whole sports scene… oh those were the days, being picked last and coming home from practice crying!
  • Being creative on the spot – I don’t do creative in an instant. I need time to think and process things. I very rarely ever have great ideas when put on the spot. I’m a thinker which tends to limit my creativity.  So if you want some of my best creative thinking – don’t expect it to come together in 5 minutes! Better to give me 5 hours or 5 days!
  • Animals – I don’t like animals… I know it seems terrible, right? I love my dog, but really he is the own animal I would say I love. I don’t like to hunt or fish like my hubby. Birds totally freak me out. All insects are evil in my book. I don’t like to pet animals, hold them, feed them… you get the idea. It’s best that animals and I keep our distance.
  • Saying no to sugar – I have the hardest time not having dessert when offered to me! Or really sugar at any time of the day.  If it’s near me, I want it… I need it! It calls to me!!! Sugar will always been my weakness. Why does it have to taste so good?
  • Getting up early – I’m so not a morning person! I often wonder what it would be like to get up and bounce out of bed, fully awake and ready for the day! I would much rather stay up past midnight and get up after 9:00am. However, my life doesn’t run on that schedule. Bummer.
  • Heavy lifting – I’m a weakling… Enough said!
  • Waiting/Being Quiet – These two go hand in hand. If I have something I need to say to someone, I have a hard time waiting for the right moment to present itself. I would much rather get whatever is it off my chest.  If I don’t talk things out ASAP, I have a tendency to over think things and play out all the scenarios in my head. It gets pretty tiring, so why not just have it out now. It shows itself a lot when I have issues, but also with good stuff too. I just don’t like to wait. Why talk about it tomorrow when you can talk about it today?
  • Not Thinking – My brain is always processing and chewing on something. Sometimes I wish I could just tune out and forget. However, my over-thinking nature plagues me. I know I’m a high-strung person. I wish I wasn’t, but I am. Ugh!

It might seem silly to mention these things, but I’m realizing that while I have strengths, I also have weaknesses. I’m not going to be the best at everything. Honestly, I don’t want to be the best at everything. Knowing who I am and my limitations is important in life. While I certainly don’t like to dwell on terrible I am with iron, it is good to know. So that way, if someone asked me to iron their wardrobe, I could say no – knowing that I’m doing them a favor by not pretending to have no weaknesses and flaws. I’m not perfect.  Just thought you should know! Oh wait, you already knew? I can accept that!


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