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Studying: Not Just for the College Students! May 7, 2012

Filed under: Women in Ministry — Amy Scott @ 8:41 pm

Let me tell you, I haven’t studied this hard since college! Why? Well, I have the honor and privilege of co-preaching on Mother’s Day alongside two wonderful ladies, Pastor Vicki Judd and Shereena Gering. I’m amazed at how much time and effort we’ve put into this one weekend! Hours of research, writing, formatting… I’m not sure I could be a senior pastor with all the prep that weekly goes into sermons! And I’m only responsible for 1/3 of the sermon! Craziness! I will admit that my inner geek has enjoyed being surrounded by statistics, books, articles, resources lists and sermon notes. It’s been very reminiscent of my good ol’ college days. However, it seems like there is no good time in life to have a special project, so it’s been a bit of a juggle to do my sermon prep and stay on top of my other responsibilities.  Speaking of other responsibilities, I’m ignoring a mound of laundry that needs to get folded and a dishwasher that needs to be emptied. One thing at time! I’m learning my ability to multitask isn’t as great as I had once  thought. In fact, I have to repeat “one thing at a time” to myself quite often these days… as well as “deep breath, don’t forget to breathe”. Remember what I said in “Flying By” – I don’t want to live life frantically. I’m still struggling with how to slow down and keep up with life at the same time. If anyone masters this, please email me ASAP! In closing, I’m so excited to have this opportunity, even if it comes with a lot of homework. Public speaking is a skill I want to develop more in ministry. Okay, let me get specific – public speaking to adults. Kids don’t phase me too much anymore, but adults are scary. Maybe I should just picture the audience as a bunch of kids? Better than picturing them in their underwear, right? Okay, I think that laundry is calling my name… I’ll let you know if all this studying pays off! Here’s hoping my first sermon involvement goes well! So far, so good… but I’ve yet to get up on stage! Pray for me!


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