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More Often May 3, 2012

Filed under: Simply Me — Amy Scott @ 5:52 pm

Oh, the words “more often”… They can bring up good feelings like – I should eat dessert more often! However, they can always bring up bad feelings like – I should really clean the toilets “more often”. As a person who tries to keep life in balance, the words more often tend to bring up guilt in my mind. They usually mean I’m not doing enough.

Today I started to think about the things I should do more often. They aren’t things that I feel obligated to do, but the things that make me happy. These are the things that fill up. After our church ladies retreat, I would say that these things fall under my spiritual gifts and my values. The month of April was incredibly busy for me and during my busy seasons something usually doesn’t happen as often as it should. For the month of April it would be mentoring and hanging out with students. My free time was just too limited. So now that it’s May, I’m happy to say that I have two dinner dates on the calendar with some lovely ladies that I am long overdue to catch up with.

The other thing I started to think about is something that I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing. I dearly love sending notes of encouragement. I used to be really on top on sending cards to the kids in my class and to my friends who live at great distances. I’ve gotten out of the habit of sending cards so I thought I would make a change and start today! I spent part of my evening writing some cards as a way to do something I love and hopefully something that will bless others. If I’m super cool (which I haven’t been months… possibly a year…) I’ll make and send a homemade cards. Crafting… that is another thing I should do more often! I always enjoy it when I do it. I’ve just gotten out of the habit of it.

I don’t want the little things in life that I enjoy to go by the wayside when life gets busy. It’s important to do things that fill you up and make you feel like yourself. Living out your gifting will not only be a blessing to others, but I’m pretty sure it will be a blessing to you as well!

What are somethings you should make time for? What should you do more often? Remember I’m talking about the things that make you happy! Not the things you feel are expected of you. No guilt! Just joy!


Your thoughts?

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