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Just a little different April 18, 2012

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All this personality and gifts assessing reminds me how truly different we all are. No one is exactly alike. God has wired us all different! Sometimes I think God might have mixed up a few wires, because I often compare myself others and desire to be different. However, God is good at reminding me who I am. He won’t let me forget that he made me on purpose.  I guess I better trust with all of me – even the weird stuff!

I’ve been formulating this blog in my head the last couple days and really trying to pin down the strange sides of my personality that you may or may not know. This is a small glance in the very unique creation God made when he created Amy Scott. Here we go:

  • I mentioned this in an earlier blog, but I don’t like odd numbers. They rub me the wrong way. I love even numbers. They make me happy. Why? I have no idea!
  • I don’t eat breakfast, but if there is chocolate cake in the house then that will be my breakfast of choice! Yum!
  • In an ideal world, I would get up around or after 9:00am and go to bed sometime around or after midnight. I’m a night owl, but I’ve had to learn to curb my tendencies so I’m well rested and nice to people in the mornings.
  • I would rather get lost in a book than in the mall – shopping is not one of my favorite things.
  • I usually only go clothing shopping twice a year. Once for fall/winter clothes and again for spring/summer.  Why go shopping over time when I can do it all at once and get it out of the way!
  • I like to start Christmas shopping in October.
  • I used to collect things when I was growing up (i.e. Cherished Teddies, Cabbage Patch Dolls, stuffed animal monkeys), but now I’m very anti-collection and anti-clutter. Apart from a few pictures, I don’t display personal things in my house.
  • I love Hostess products! Twinkies, ding dongs, crumb donuts, cherry pies! Yes, please!
  • I have to sleep with all the doors in my room closed.
  • I can’t picture things in my head very well (this frustrates me a lot) – like imagine this room with (insert changes) or picture this wall gone… It hurts my head.
  • I don’t like to get wet. Everyone jokes when I say this about how I shower everyday – that is different. I love being clean, I just don’t like being wet. So swimming isn’t high on my list of fun things, I also can’t stand being in wet clothes. It’s the grossest feeling ever.
  • I always lock doors – safety first!
  • If I’m home alone while watching a movie or reading a book – I will usually sob over happy endings or touching moments. Not so much when I have an audience!
  • I order the same 2-3 menu items at certain restaurants. I almost never try something new. At some places I only order one thing and that is it.

Those are the few things that make me who I am. I know I have ton more that I haven’t listed. If anything, I want to remind us all that we are weird. No one is normal. God made us this way on purpose. Instead of spending your energy trying to be someone else, free yourself and be yourself!



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