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I’m back!!! April 2, 2012

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Wishing my hubby a happy post birthday!

Four weeks down, one more to go! This experience with the 5/7 Fast has been amazing. Each week has been eye-opening and this week was no exception.  In a lot of ways this last week has been the easiest fast for me. Here are some thoughts that I jotted down (in a notebook, not on my computer):

  • Because it was such a rainy wet week, I’m pretty sure I heard every raindrop. No longer drained out by the television or the radio, I found myself listening to the rain a lot.
  • I missed music more than I expected. Turns out I like my life to have a background soundtrack. During meals out or walking through stores, I took note of the radio. I often sang along to myself or bobbed my head along with the tune.
  • I didn’t miss my cell phone really at all. I turned it on for less than 5 minutes on Thursday so I could text Jeremy a question. I was waiting for someone I was supposed to be meeting with and I didn’t have their number so I couldn’t contact them directly. I was super nervous about leaving too soon so I texted Jeremy to ask what he thought about my waiting time. The lady arrived before he could text me back so my phone went off immediately without a response.
  • I read a lot this week! 4 books to be exact. I started The Hunger Games Series and let me tell you, they kept my attention! Better than television, my biggest battle was overcoming the strong desire to go see the movie once I finished the books (I’m going tonight)!
  • Starting on Friday and going through the weekend I started to not feel good. When I feel under the weather, I’m usually planted in front of the TV as a way to rest. No such luck for me this week. This was the hardest part of the media fast.

Me and my Peeps cake creation!

It was surprising how easily I filled my time without media. Monday I went out to dinner with my hubby as a post-birthday treat. We did some shopping and had a good time together. Tuesday I made a special cake for my class of girls! My Peeps cake was a lot of fun to make and something I wouldn’t normally tackle. Wednesday I had my class at church per usual. Thursday I had a phone date with my sister in Kansas and then dinner with a mentor from the Assemblies of God Network.  On Friday Jeremy and I ran some errands. He come home and installed a new faucet for our kitchen sink and I steam vacuumed our carpets. Saturday I spent lying down and reading. Sunday I cleaned my whole house (in prep for my cleaning fast this week). When I haven’t been doing an activity, I’ve been reading and my time flew right on by.

The biggest benefit of this week was the quiet. It was great to plug and disconnect from the screens in my life. I didn’t open my laptop for three days and I didn’t miss it. I joked with Jeremy that once the fast was over we would be sitting with our laptops up, our cell phone on with apps running, the television on and the radio playing all at the same time. I’m happy to say that this scene hasn’t happened… at least not yet!  Truthfully, dinner dates and phone dates are so much better than commenting on Facebook. This week felt more real, if that makes sense. Instead of digital, my life was tangible. It was nice. I wouldn’t mind fasting media more often. It was a good week for me to do the things I love to do and connect with people I care about. Apart from the not feeling good portion my week, I would definitely say that this week was a blessing to me. I loved it!


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