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40 Hours In! 128 To Go… March 19, 2012

Filed under: 5/7 Fast — Amy Scott @ 3:49 pm

I’m 99.9% sure that this fast is going to be hardest one yet. Let me tell you what I’ve been thinking about all day – FOOD I CAN’T HAVE!!! I’ve lost myself in thoughts of Red Robin burgers, Red Lobster cheesy garlic biscuits, pancakes, donuts, clam chowder, Girl Scout cookies, my beloved Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (spirals preferably)… I’ve also had major food jealously of other people who are doing the fast. Jeremy eating turkey, my mother-in-law mentioning that she ate an apple… an apple sounds so good right now! My mind is like a non-stop reel of food commercials. I’m mentally torturing myself. The pain is self-inflicted!

Apart from the non-stop thoughts of food I can’t have, here are some things that have stood out to me a day and half into this food fast:

  • I’m grateful for marionberry jam because it not the same color as my other foods. I’ve managed to pick foods that are all creamy, tan like colors. It’s so boring on a plate. I never thought of myself as a food artist, but I’m learning there is a lot to visual presentation and the simulation it brings. My foods are all too similar in color and that bothers me for some weird reason.
  • I tried to make some healthy choices with my 7 items. I broke away from the health nuttiness when it came to soda. I had a chuckle yesterday in the car (I wasn’t driving, don’t worry) when I looked at the nutrition facts on my Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. The first thing on can is “Contains No Juice”.  So far from healthy! Nothing like artificial flavors to tickle the taste buds. Sadly, after reading about juice, it made me want juice!
  • Jeremy and I watch “Worst Cooks in America” on Food Network and it airs on Sundays. Last night, I sat down to watch it with a bowl of cereal in hand. While, I didn’t get too much food envy from watching the worst cooks attempt to filet a fish, I’m pretty sure that will be the last of Food Network for me this week. The chefs on Food Network always say things like “I wish you could smell this…” That statement sounds cruel right now!
  • I have taken to using Scentsy room freshener after Jeremy makes a meal. I don’t want the smell of turkey lingering in my house. Not when I can’t eat it!
  • With Easter Eggstravaganza coming up, Jeremy is collecting candy donations and storing them in his office. He opened a huge bag full of the classiest looking peanut butter cups I’ve seen. The smell filled the office as he emptied the bag into our storage container. Too bad chocolate isn’t on my list or I would have sampled one (just to make sure they are safe for the children).

Jen Hatmaker mentioned in her book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess that the food fast was the best fast for her to do first. Thinking about her sacrifice was never farther away than her next meal. The food fast has taken up the most of my mental attention today. I am constantly thinking about food. I have reminded myself several times that I am not starving. I used to think of myself as a pretty easy going eater. I don’t like a ton of variety and I thought I would be fine eating the same things over and over again. Turns out, I like having 5 or 6 snack options, I like having 5 or 6 meal options at any time. I like being able to go out to eat or go to the store when I don’t like what’s currently in my house. I’m realizing my spoiled nature. I never thought it would be this hard and that it would set in this quickly. I’m praying that God will break me of my comforts. I want to use each moment I think about food to pray for others who don’t have it.  More than the food commercials running through my mind, I want faces of people who are malnourished to claim my thoughts. I want to lift them up in prayer and I want to fight on my knees for their well-being. I don’t want this week to be me complaining about the never-ending desires of my stomach. Pray for me!


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